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How to move a heavy armoir into second floor duplex of old house with winding stairs?

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Asked by Teresa

May 19, 2013 under Others

Worried I will not be able to move furniture up the stairway but it has a back deck that is on the second floor

Answered by Staff Writer

May 20, 2013

You have a gorgeous set of winding stairs, but they will do no good when you have to move an armoire to your second floor.

That is where a pulley comes in. The wheel and axle system, that supports the movement of a cable, is used to lift heavy loads between different heights. If you cannot transport a heavy armoire up winding stairs because it is too bulky, then lifting the dresser from the ground floor onto the second floor balcony is the best way to get the piece of furniture from upstairs to downstairs.  

You can rent a pulley and ask a few friends to help, or you can simply hire a moving company that will bring a pulley and perform the labor themselves. Though it may be more expensive to hire movers to do the job, it is well worth it since professionals are skilled in using pulleys and are likely to not cause any damage to the dresser while they safely hoist it. On the other hand, if you attempt to lift the heavy load with a pulley and the help of a few friends, you may not only drop the armoire and break it, even worse, you or your friends may become injured while moving it.

If you do decide to rent a pulley, have the merchant you borrow it from give you a detailed description on how to safely use the apparatus before you attempt to hoist the armoire onto the second floor balcony. To hire a moving company to move the dresser, call a few local movers and compare costs so you get the best price. Once the armoire is safely set where you want it on the second floor, take a moment to fill out a moving review so others know how helpful the company was that you hired to help you.



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