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How to save money on moving truck rentals?

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Asked by Theresa

November 20, 2019 under Moving Truck Rental

How can I avoid additional costs and save money on truck rentals?

Answered by Staff Writer

November 21, 2019

If you are on a tight budget and decided to rent a truck at an affordable rate, here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your truck rental costs under control.

  • Reserve the truck in advance: If you wait until the last minute to reserve your truck, you may not get the size that you need. You may also wind up paying more. So, if possible, make your reservation in advance.
  • Move less to pay less: The less stuff you move, the less you'll pay. Go through your belongings and decide what you want to move to save your money.
  • Move during the off-season: Many truck rentals charges higher during peak season - usually May to September - because their services are more in-demand. So, if you reserve a truck during the off-season, you'll probably pay a lower price.
  • Inspect the truck before booking: You may wind up paying more if you don't inspect the vehicle thoroughly. So, before signing the contract, verify the truck and ask about its maintenance to ensure it is in good condition.
  • Return the truck on time and in good shape: When you return the truck, it's your responsibility to drop it off in good shape and on-time. This way you will avoid paying any late fees or penalties for damaging the truck. Also, make sure to refill the tank when you return the truck to avoid additional charges.

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