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How to Ship a car Overseas?

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April 9, 2013 under Auto Transport

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April 15, 2013

Relocating overseas? If so there is a lot to plan for, particularly moving your motor vehicle. If you want your wheels to meet you on the other side of the world, then transporting your car to a new country is totally different than moving it domestically. If you are moving your vehicle within North America, you could choose self-transport, driveway service, train-transport or an auto-transport company to do the job. However, these options are not available when making a move overseas.

Getting your car to another country entails hiring an overseas auto shipper. To do so, you must research what companies are available in your region. A list of auto transporters in America is readily available to contact so you can get comparative costs and begin budgeting for the expense.

After deciding what company is most affordable, you must decide what method you want your car to travel by. There is the roll-on and roll-off service or car container shipping. With a roll-on roll-off service, your vehicle will be in the open-air, making it subject to weather conditions during travel. However, shipping your car in a container protects it from the natural elements, keeping it covered rather than exposed.

After deciding who will transport your vehicle and how it will travel, you must literally take matters into your hands to prepare your car for shipping. Checking the battery charge, sealing any openings or tears and making sure there are no leaky fluids are just a few things you or your auto mechanic must address before your car is placed on a cargo ship.

Though your car may be in tip-top shape, without the proper auto transport insurance and necessary paperwork needed for customs clearance, you will not be driving off into an international sunset any time soon. These arrangements can be made by the auto shipper you choose to transport your car. With all things considered, getting your car from one country to another does not have to be as hard as it sounds.

To share your experience with the auto transport company you choose, kindly fill out a moving review so others can decide by your experience if they too want to hire the respective company you selected. To find out more moving tips and auto relocation quotes, visit Movers.com for all the information you need.

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