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I am living on the Eastern shore of Maryland and need a trailer packed and ready for me to pickup and drive to the east coast from Fergus Falls, MN

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Asked by Annie

July 23, 2014 under Moving Labor

Answered by Nicole La Capria

July 23, 2014

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If you want to drive your own moving trailer, you will have to rent a moving truck in Minnesota. You can then hire moving labor services to pack and load the truck for you to drive back to the east coast.

Renting a moving truck

When renting a truck from a truck rental agency, you will need to know the size truck you require. If you're unsure of your needs, you can ask the truck rental representative for advice based on the estimated volume of your goods. Next, you must make a reservation to pick up the trailer from their location nearest to Fergus Fall, MN. You should always ask detailed questions about the pricing process (usually based on size of the truck, miles traveled and days used), insurance options, and extra fees.

Hiring moving labor

Once you have your trailer, you can hire moving labor services to come to your location and pack the trailer with your goods. Make sure any company you hire is licensed and insured, and read customer reviews to determine if their reputation is trustworthy. Make sure you receive an on-site estimate for an accurate assemsment of your goods and a more exact quote.

Renting a portable storage unit

If you would prefer not to drive the trailer yourself, you can rent a portable storage unit. The company will deliver the unit to your location in Fergus Falls, where you will be responsible for loading it. You can hire moving labor services to help you with this task also, just as you would with a rental truck. Next, the portable storage unit company will send a driver to pick up your unit, and drive it back to Maryland to your home for delivery.

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