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I have a small car and 20 med. boxes ,1 single bed 13 pictures.need price?

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Asked by Denise

January 27, 2013 under Others

need auto and small things moved ? how much ?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

January 31, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! To fully be able to answer your question, I will need some more information about the details of your move. Different types of moves are priced differently and knowing exactly what kind of move you will be doing can help to narrow down the price of your move. For example, long distance moves are typically priced according to the total weight of the shipment, while local moves are priced by hour. 

Also, you are going to need to move your car as well, which will also add to the price of your move if you choose not to drive the car yourself to your destination. Since you don't have many belongings to move, your total moving costs should be rather low and the contents you are moving are roughly equivalent to a one-bedroom apartment. Thus, if you are going to be doing a long-distance move, with an auto transport company moving the car, you can expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000 for a full-service move. 

If your move is a local move, you will pay by the hour. Most moving companies charge from $80-$100 per hour for a team of movers and truck to pick up and move your belongings for you. Depending on the distance you are moving, your total costs can be much lower than they would be for a long distance move.

These are just estimations though, based on my knowledge. If you wish to obtain a more accurate moving quote, simply fill out the quick and easy-to-use moving quote form on the front page of our site and you'll be connected with moving companies who can service your move.  

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