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I have just a single piece of furniture that I need moved. Is this something that you could help me with?

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Asked by Sarah

March 9, 2015 under Others

couch with double recliners built in

Answered by Mike Sannitti

March 9, 2015
Thanks for visiting Movers.com! I'll be glad to help you with your question about getting help moving a single piece of furniture.

Depending on your exact needs, you can use our database of moving companies to connect with someone who can help you move your couch.

If you just need someone to physically move the couch.

If you need your couch moved within your home or you already have a vehicle that you want to transport it in, you just need moving labor to help with the heavy lifting. Contact companies that offer moving labor by filling out the form in our moving labor section.

If you also need a vehicle to transport your couch.

If you don't own a vehicle that can accommodate your couch, you will need to pay for one. You have two options:

The prices for these services vary, so try to get at least three unique quotes from different companies for each service. Remember that mixing and matching labor and truck rentals could possibly be less expensive than using one company for a small move, but it will also require you to drive the rental truck yourself.

Checking all your options should allow you to find the best price and services possible for your needs. Whether you choose moving labor, small movers, or truck rentals to move your couch, Movers.com can connect you to the moving services you need.

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