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I need to move school furniture from Hutchinson, KS to Colwich, KS

It has office chairs, easel, cubbies, chalk and eraser easels, etc.

Asked by Mary on 1/6/2014 under category Moving Companies

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Hi, thanks for visiting! Your particular move, which requires you to move your school furniture from Hutchinson, KS to Colwich, KS is a move that can be made easy with the help of small movers, who can assist you in relocating your school supplies and furniture for you. Since you are only moving a small amount of items, including office chairs, easels, cubbies, chalk and eraser easels and various other pieces of school-related furniture, your shipment shouldn't exceed the minimum weight requirement for a full-service move. For this reason, small movers are your best bet.   
What is a small move? 
Small moves are usually how we describe the shipment sizes for small apartments or dorm rooms, however they can even be as small as just a few items, as yours is. Any move that is 2,000 pounds or less is considered to be a small move. Small movers are a great option for handling a shipment that is too big for parcel shipment but too small for moving companies' minimum size requirements. In addition, small moves can cover any kind of distance, whether it's moving something down the street or all the way across the country, so your shipment from Hutchinson to Colwich would be completely feasible. 
What are some benefits of using small movers? 
There are many benefits of hiring small movers, here are a few:
  • Your items will be transported safey and securely by moving professionals. Often, when you have only a few items that need to be shipped, you'll have a hard time finding a suitable way to ship them safely. Since full service moving companies won't take your shipment if it's under a certain weight, your best option is small movers, who will care for your belongings as if you're shipping an entire household worth of things.
  • They're relatively inexpensive. You can end up spending a lot more money trying to figure out how to ship the items you need to ship, or even transporting them yourself, when you can just call up a local small move specialist to handle your shipment for a fraction of the cost. 
All you have to do is visit and click on the link towards the middle of the page for small moves. It will take you to the small moves page where you can enter your contact information and your moving information (Moving from zip code and moving to zip code, moving date and size of your move) and you'll be contacted by up to 7 different small movers in your area who can assist you with moving your items from Hutchinson, KS to Colwich, KS.
When you receive your free moving estimates for your small move, make sure to compare the quotes to find the best deal for you. Also, visit our moving reviews page to read some reviews on the moving companies you are deciding between so you can see what other customers have to say about them and you can make an educated and informed decision. 
To learn more about the different kinds of moves and how they differ, as well as to read up about any other moving-related topic, visit our moving guides section, where you'll find an extensive list of moving guides on just about any subject you can think of. 

Robert Moreschi
Answered on 1/7/2014

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