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I want to send my car to ft. Lauderdale, feb 3 is when im leaving. how does your system work for shipping? its an 08 accord sedan. price? timeline?

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Asked by Mike

January 22, 2014 under Auto Transport

hi please see title

Answered by Nicole La Capria

January 23, 2014

Hello, and thank you for visiting Movers.com!

While we don't perform actual moves at Movers.com, we can provide you with free quotes from companies that do--we have an extensive network of reliable auto shippers that can transport your Accord safely to Fort Lauderale.

Auto shipping costs

There are several different methods of shipping your vehicle, and the type you choose will have an effect on the cost of your service.

Auto Transport Company: Hiring auto shippers to transport your vehicle via trailer is usually the safest and most effective method. The cost will depend on which method you opt for:

  • Open-Air Trailers: Your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer with other vehicles.
  • Enclosed Trailers: Your vehicle is shipped in its own individual container. This is the safest, but most expensive option, and is usually reserved for luxury or collectible cars.

Driveaway Service: Usually the cheapest method, a hired driver will personally drive your vehicle to your destination.

Rail Service: Another affordable option and green alternative, you could opt to transport your car by train.

Get Auto Shipping Quotes

To begin comparing quotes from reliable auto shipper near you, simply fill out our fast and easy quote form! You will receive up to seven FREE, no obligation quotes from auto transport services to ship your vehicle to Florida for your move!

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