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Is self stick bubble wrap safe for antiques?

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April 6, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 18, 2013

You ca not just buy another one at Target or Wal-Mart.

It is an antique with emotional and financial value that has been faithfully passed down to you over the years through your family. Or it is an expensive piece you purchased to add to a collection you adore. And now you have gone and done it by your own hands, breaking the aged article because you improperly packed it when moving.

Antique Protection

Protecting antiques during a move is not necessarily more important than protecting your other property, however, an antique is just that, a one-of-a-kind item that ca not be found anywhere anytime. Packing fragile items, like antiques, is stressful to say the least. So afraid you are going to break the belonging, the fear can become a reality when you pack without protection.

There are several types of packing materials you can use to protect your antique. Self-stick bubble wrap is an excellent material to jacket your very old item in. Providing a cushion, the plastic air-filled wrap can keep your fragile fixture secure during a bumpy shipment. However, if it is self-stick, you must assure that the taping or glue cannot ruin the material of the antique. If that is the case, you must choose to use a different covering.

Fragile Items

If you are worried that your hands are too shaky to pack and ship a family heirloom, hire a packing service to help you. Professional movers handle heavy furniture and light luxurious items every day, making them skilled in assuring an antique, or any article for that matter, arrives in the same condition it departed. Though carefully packing a precious piece of property is very important, it is just as important when unpacking the item. In the case that your antique is damaged during the move, do not freight. An antique repair service in your area can help you get your fixture back to new, or old for that matter.

If you do not trust an antique in your own hands, hire a packing service and moving company at Movers.com. After you place the gorgeous piece of art on your shelf in your new place, sit down, breath deep and kindly take a moment to fill out a moving review to inform others about the services you rendered.

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