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Move Medical Records from PA to TX

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Asked by Tammy

February 27, 2015 under Others

need to transport medical records from PA to TX. do you have a mover that can do this and knows the HIPAA regulations?

Answered by Nicole La Capria

March 2, 2015
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It is generally suggested that you do not have your medical records shipped by movers on the truck. The best method is to either transport them yourself safely in your own vehicle, or have your current doctor send them to a new doctor in your new location. This can usually be done for a small fee.

Just as with any other important personal documents, such as birth certificates, tax records, or financial documents, many moving companies will not knowingly transport your medical records. It may be against their policies, so you should always ask any company before choosing them for hire if you do intend to include them with your shipment.

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