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Asked by Judi

July 18, 2014 under Moving Companies

I have some items to be moved to cypress Tx. Other items to be moved to lynchburg, tn.

Answered by Nicole La Capria

July 18, 2014

Hello, and thank you for visiting!

If you require a moving company to transport your goods to both Texas and Tennessee, you have come to the right place.

Many moving companies will be able to handle your move to two seperate states. Once you find a company and receive your in-home estimate, be sure to ask detailed questions and thoroughly explain the services you require to get the most accurate quote. If you need your items at one location before the other, for example, you should share that information with the moving company.

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At, we can provide you with free quotes from movers in your area. Simply fill out our fast and easy quote form to be contacted by up to seven moving companies near you. Since you can only enter one destination zip code in our form, I'd suggest using the one where most of your belongings are being shipped, and discussing the dual destination aspect with the movers when they contact you.

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