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Moving Co. Storage vs self storage

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Asked by Libby

July 21, 2014 under Others

I am considering hiring someone to move everything into self storage. Would it be more expensive to hire someone like begins to move my things and store in their facility or less?

Answered by Mike Sannitti

July 22, 2014

Thanks for visiting I will gladly try to help answer your question about whether it is cheaper to move things into self storage as opposed to having a moving company move things into their own storage space.

You may want to look for quotes from self storage companies and moving labor services and compare prices.

It is difficult to say with certainty that one appraoach is cheaper than the other since prices can vary so much, but generally speaking, the more work you do yourself, the cheaper the service will be. Paying for just a self storage container and moving your items yourself is usually cheaper than what a typical moving company would charge for moving your possessions and storing them in their facilities.

To be sure that you can't find a cheaper combination of moving services and self storage, be sure to fill out forms in both categories on the appropriate sections of our site.

Enter all the appropriate information regarding the desired time and location that you would like to move your items to see a list of companies in your area that are able to provide storage options.

Keep in mind that not all storage is created equal. Some pricier facilities are climate controlled. Some facilities have more extensive insurance coverage than others, as well. You also may be concerned with the level of security or cleanliness that the facilty has. Be sure to compare the prices and services of a variety of the companies that will be listed for you after you fill out the necessary online forms.  

If you still are unsure, ask another question here or read throguh our guides on storage to get more moving advice from our moving experts. 

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