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MOving from Florida to Ohio

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Asked by Debbbie

April 23, 2014 under Others

Moving from Florida to Ohio. Would our items ship more quickly using Ohio movers, or Florida movers?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

April 23, 2014

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Long-distance Moves

A move from Florida to Ohio is about 850 miles give or take, which would put you in the long-distance category. A long-distance mover is not going to drive your shipment directly to your new home non-stop. They will make stops along the way, possibly transferring your items to a different truck or placing your items temporarily in a warehouse. Additionally, delays can occur because of inclement weather, traffic jams or mechanical trouble. Delivery can take weeks and you may have to plan accordingly for that.

However, reputable moving companies should be able to give you an estimated time frame of when your items will be delivered, and may fall into a two-week window, but specific guarantees should not be expected.

Moving Companies

While we ca not give you specific dates and time frames for your delivery, we can suggest that you fill out a free quote form to get information from multiple companies in our database. Your best bet would be to compare quotes from multiple companies in both Florida and Ohio and compare their estimates on delivery dates and find which one works best for you.

Thank you for visiting and best of luck with your move from Florida to Ohio.

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