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Moving Next Door

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Asked by Reugenia

December 14, 2012 under Others

i am looking for movers to move my large items out of my apartment to new apartment directly next door. Do you offer this simple service

Answered by Jenna Farmer

April 16, 2013

Most of the time, if you move next door it's probably in an apartment complex, and can be for a number of different reasons. I've moved oneapartment to another in the same building because my roommate was moving out, and I needed a one-bedroom instead of two. Some people move into a unit that doesn't quite meet their standard of living. Whatever the case, this process can be relatively easy if you follow the proper steps.

If you're looking to hire a professional for this task, get a free quote for small moves here at Small moves are generally anything under 2,000 lbs.

Being that you're moving into an apartment in the same building, you'll most likely have the same landlord and lease as you didbefore, but make sure you discuss any changes with your landlord prior to signing your new lease, and definitely prior to moving day. TIP: If your new apartment is vacant, you may be able to talk your landlord in to letting you get a head start on moving boxes and smaller items into the new apartment and saving the larger items for moving day.

You might not even need to hire movers for this job, as long as you have the proper equipment and one or two friends or neighbors to help you. If you've lived in the same building, odds are you're friendly with some of your neighbors. Pick up a pizza and some sodas, grab a dolly, and begin your door-to-door move!

If you end up hiring a moving service through, be sure to head back to our review page and let us know about your experience! 

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