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Moving to wisconsin with about 18 boxes. could you give me a rate.

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Asked by Rir

July 31, 2012 under Moving Companies

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 18, 2013

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It is difficult to give you an accurate rate without some further details about your move, but from the information you have provided, it seems that your relocation would qualify as a "small move". Any move with belongings weighing less than 2,000 lb is considered a small move, as most commercial movers require at least 2,000 lb to 2,500 lb to transport your shipment. Luckily, there are many companies that specialize in small or partial moves to assist you in moving your small shipment from Las Vegas to Wisconsin. However, the size of your boxes is needed to determine their volume and what you would pay to move them to Wisconsin.

For example, if you have 18 medium boxes, the estimated weight would be around 378 lb. For 18 large boxes, the weight will be about 756 lb, and for 18 extra-large boxes, the weight would be around 1,260 lb.

More information on the exact distance of your move is also required, but to move 18 boxes from Las Vegas to Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, here are some estimated rates:

  • 18 Medium Boxes: $740
  • 18 Large Boxes: $1,056
  • 18 Extra Large Boxes: $1,400

These numbers are just quotes generated based on the information provided. Further details and specifics are needed to calculate a more accurate estimate for your move, such as the city you are relocating to and the exact weight of your boxes. To begin comparing free quotes for your move, you can start here at Movers.com on our small moves page. Just fill out this quick and easy quote form to receive quotes from up to seven small movers in your area. Don't forget to stop back and let us know about your experience by writing a moving review!

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