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One item -no Hurry to come across the country; i.e., Louisiana to CA

My daughter is returning to school in the Fall and will be moving from Southern Louisiana to CA to attend Graduate school. She will be discarding most of her furniture, but, she wants to keep her Roll Top Desk. Would there be any chance that it could be place on a Truck that is already coming to CA? There would be no hurry for its arrival.

Asked by Janeen on 4/5/2018 under category Others

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Hello, and thank you for visiting Movers.com! If you need to move just one item, you would require the services of small movers.

Small movers
Small movers are companies that specialize in transporting loads that are smaller than average -- usually under 2,000 pounds. They will have the required experience to transport her roll top desk quickly and safely.

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To get started comparing free quotes from small movers near you, simply fill out our fast and easy quote form! You will receive up to seven FREE, no-obligation quotes from small moving services in your area today.

Thanks again for visiting, and we wish her the best of luck on her move!

Michael Meerovich
Answered on 4/6/2018

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