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Reality of Binding Quote?

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Asked by Vijaita

April 7, 2013 under Others

If a mover come for an onsite estimate and give a written Binding quote based on inventory and cf, can they increase the price after or during move, with the same inventory? This company has mixed reviews online, but no other company is coming for an onsite estimate. Other Phone estimates are cheaper but these guys gave me live estimate.

Answered by Staff Writer

April 17, 2013

Binding is a strong word, implying there is no room to budge. That is the case when considering the moving-term binding estimate. But binding estimates are not the only type of options moving companies offer. With three available approximations, you are always given a few affordable alternatives to decide from.

Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is governed by certain rules, offering both advantages and disadvantages you should consider. An advantage to a binding estimate is that if a moving company weighs and prices all of your household items and finalizes a figure, they must adhere to that total, regardless of whether you tack on additional boxes or furniture to be moved. On the contrary, a disadvantage to a binding estimate is that the moving company has a right to charge you for any added boxes or furniture that you may add to the move, making the weight more than what was originally estimated.

Non-Binding Estimate

Not as strict a binding estimate, the non-binding agreement made between you and a moving company can and will often fluctuate, giving you a little leeway to work with while you relocate. Most commonly used by movers in the industry, the advantage of the often free, over-the-phone estimate is that it can be provided quickly. The disadvantage of the understanding is that the total moving figure can and will change once you factor in other services rendered or additional weight added to shipment.

Binding Not-to-Exceed

Probably the most popular form of estimate, the binding not-to-exceed agreement between you and the moving company assumes you will pay a certain amount regardless of additional services or weight added to your move. The clear advantage is that you can fluctuate freely, not feeling constrained, which makes for a less stressful move both mentally and financially.

Before deciding on whether you will choose a non-binding, binding, or binding not-to-exceed, get quotes from several moving companies listed at Once you have made an informed decision, hired a company and completed your move, please take a brief moment to fill out a moving review so other families relocating can read about the estimate and company you choose.

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