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Receiving and Storage Agent in Providence, RI

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Asked by Chris

December 13, 2016 under Others

Im having my things shipped from Seoul, South Korea to Providence, RI. Im looking for a Receiving and Storage Facility in Providence, Rhode Island, who will receive and store my personal effects in Providence until I arrive in Providence in February 2017. Any recommendations?

Answered by Kelly Martini

December 14, 2016

Hi, and thank you for contacting Movers.com with your question about international storage!

International packing
In order for your personal effects to safely make it to the United States, they will need to be properly wrapped and placed on a pallet. Enlist assistance from our network of international movers to minimize damage. If you plan to ship directly through a freight forwarder, you are solely responsible for boxing all belongings and may want to check out our guide on prohibited items.

International shipping
While we cannot recommend a specific moving company, many international movers provide warehouses to store goods for later pick up. Professionals are trained to ship overseas, but you should still ask lots of questions before picking a company. Simply fill out our easy quote form, and you will receive no-obligation estimates from up to seven reputable international movers. 

Thank you again for contacting Movers.com, and good luck on your future moving endeavor!

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