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Researching a moving company

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Asked by Reliable

August 31, 2016 under Moving Companies

A friend gave me the name and phone # of a moving company he found in the Hartford Courant on Tues. 8/30/16. I called them, told them what I needed to move and where and they gave me a flat fee price. It was the most reasonable price Ive gotten, so I made arrangements for this Fri 9/2/16. The fee is to be paid in cash? Is that type of payment legit? Where can I find out about this company? Theyre not on BBB website?

Answered by Michael E Fromm

September 1, 2016

Thank you for contacting with your question. I am more than happy to help you with this.

The professional moving companies part of the network are vetted and have to meet certain standards before joining.

Better Business Bureau
Our roster of over 500 professional moving companies and the country's top van lines have been researched and approved via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other internet reviews, so we know the whole story. If something seems shady, we will not keep the mover in our network. We screen our movers on a monthly basis to make sure they are living up to our expectations. 

Getting a quote
With that said, if you are hesitant about the moving company that was recommended to you, I would not use them. A low cost, flat rate, paid in cash sounds like a good deal. But that pales in comparison to issues you could experience with the move, such as hidden fees, lost or broken items, and poor customer service. I would recommend, if possible, to hold off your move, and fill out the free quote form. You will then be contacted by a number of professional moving companies in our network and from your area that will be able to complete your move, stress-free. 

I hope this answers your questions, and eases your concerns. Thank you again for contacting, and the very best of luck with your move.

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