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May 7, 2013 under Moving Companies

Answered by Nicole La Capria

May 9, 2013

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There are many reasons why you may opt for a self-service move--if you are on a tight budget, if you have a small amount of belongings and furniture, or if you have the extra time and open schedule required to execute the move on your own. While a self-service move requires more work and planning on your part, it can also be much more affordable.

If you are looking for a self-service move, there are several options open to you.

Renting a Truck

If you would like to transport your belongings yourself, you can rent a moving truck, load it up with your goods and drive to your destination. The cost will vary depending on the size of the truck you require and the distance you are traveling (most companies charge by the mile plus additional fuel costs). However, you will be in full control of your move--from the packing, loading and driving. Start comparing quotes from rental truck companies today right here at!

You Load, We Drive

Another self-service option is a "You Load, We Drive" service. These companies will deliver a portable storage trailer directly to the door of your home, so that you can load it at your leisure. Once you have completed packing your storage cube, you call the driver to come and pick it up. They will drive it right to the front door of your new home where you can unload it yourself. This method allows you to pack and load your own belongings without the task of driving that cumbersome moving truck! If this option sounds right for your move, you can begin by comparing quotes from reputable companies right now at!

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