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Should I get a storage unit?

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September 20, 2013 under Self Storage

Answered by Nicole La Capria

September 24, 2013

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If you cannot move into your new home for a few days or even weeks after vacating your currrent home, you will need a safe place to temporarily stow your belongings. Likewise, if you have downsized into smaller lodgings and don't have the space for all of your stuff, a storage facility can be useful.

The type of storage you will require depends on your belongings and the length of time you will need them stored.

Short term vs. Long Term Storage

If you plan on stowing your belongings briefly while you wait to move into your new home, you should opt to rent a short-term storage unit. Short-term facilities are often open 24 hours a day and allow you ready access to your belongings. The units come in a variety of sizes to accomodate the volume of your furniture and boxes, and month-to-month payments allow you to upgrade or downgrade the size of your unit as you wish.

If you are living in a small apartment but plan to move into a larger home in several years, long term storage is more suited for you. If you won't need to access your things for a long period of time, a long-term storage unit will offer you more security in exchange for the lack of flexibility. Rather than paying a month-to-month fee, long-term storage requires you to sign a lease for a set period.

Standard Units vs Climate-Controlled

If you are storing items that are especially suspectible to damage, such as wood or leather furniture, photographs, clothing, furs, or electronics, you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. These facilities are monitored for optimum temperature and humidty levels to protect your goods from damage due to heat, moisture, mildew, mold and insect infestations.

Finding a Storage Facility

Before renting a facility, be sure to ask these questions to ensure the unit is secure and suited to your needs. Finding the right storage facility is important to keep your goods protected from theft, water damage and pests until you are ready to house them once again. You begin searching for available storage facilities in your area today right here at Movers.com! You will receive up to seven FREE quotes from reliable self-storage specialists, with no obligation!


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