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Storing clothes and furniture for a year+

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Asked by Ellen

April 27, 2017 under Others

When storing clothes you mention plastic boxes w proper ventilation. I am buying plasticcyotes but what kind of ventilation? I will use cedar blocks. Climate controlled unit

Answered by Kelly Martini

April 28, 2017
Thank you for contacting with your question about long term storage.

Unwanted guests
Make sure everything are cleaned thoroughly before you pack to avoid enticing insects and other pests to the clothing. Cedar blocks keep moths and other insects away without odor or chemical residue.

Proper ventilation
To properly vent your clothing, do not over pack or seal items in airtight containers. Boxes that keep out all air allow mold growth. We suggest using silica gel or packets to prevent moisture inside. If possible, check your clothing every 8 months for damage.

If your furniture is made of material, completely cover it with cloth or packing paper and tape it securely before placing in the unit. This will prevent dirt and debris from permeating the pores of the material while in storage.
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