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Storing furniture in a non-climate controlled POD

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Asked by Stephen

July 19, 2015 under Self Storage

Hello, I live in New Orleans, LA (super hot and humid). My wife and I are moving and want to know if it would be safe to store our furniture in a non-climate controlled POD for about a week as we gradually load it. We do have the option of using some Dri-It moisture absorbers during that time.

Answered by Ryan Hussey

July 20, 2015
Hi Stephen, and thank you for your question!

Non-climate controlled storage

We understand that you and your wife are moving in the New Orleans area, and you'd like to store some of your furniture in a non-climate controlled storage POD. Since the storage is only temporary--you said for about a week or so--it's perfectly fine to choose this option over the more expensive climate-controlled storage facilities. We recommend that you save the money and stick with the POD. However, we do suggest using the moisture absorbers for the temporary storage job.

You can also check out some of our tips for preventing moisture from ruining your furniture to ensure your items stay safe while in storage for the week. There are also other important ways to protect belongings in storage, such as from flood or fire.

We hope that helps, and we wish you the best of luck with your move!
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