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Thinking ahead - securing long-term

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Asked by Beth

April 1, 2015 under Others

Preparing things in advance. I have some things that I wont use immediately so they may be stored for some time. How should I wrap furniture? Shrink wrap over a blanket? I dont want to pull it out 5 years from now to ruined things.

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 2, 2015

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When placing your furniture and other items into long-term storage, there are many ways to protect your items from damage.

Use climate-controlled storage
Using a climate-controlled storage unit will ensure your goods are never exposed to extreme temperatures or high levels of humidity, preventing damage. While more expensive, climate-controlled storage is certainly a good investment when storing furniture--especially long-term.

Wrap and protect your items properly
To protect against moisture, dirt, or debris, make sure all furniture and mattresses are wrapped and covered with furniture blankets, then covered with a plastic shrink wrap to keep out moisture (never place plastic directly against furniture, it will trap condensation or melt in high temperatures). Clothing and furs should be cleaned before going into storage and hung inside wardrobe boxes.

Keep valuables off the floor
In case the unit is flooded, you should ensure nothing of extreme value is on the floor. Furniture and boxes can be placed on wooden pallets to keep them away from water.

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