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What are the options for moving animals?

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March 3, 2013 under Moving Companies

Answered by Robert Moreschi

March 4, 2013

There are a lot of options for moving your animals, and it all depends on what kind of move you will be doing and how you will be traveling to your destination. Our pets are essentially a part of our family, and so we want to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible during the move. Believe it or not, animals are just as easily affected by moving to a new home as we are, even though you might not be able to tell. Our pets can be easily stressed out by all of the chaotic activity that comes along with moving to a strange new place, and so it's our job as their owners and family members to ensure that they travel in comfort. 

How you choose to move your animals depends on a number of different factors. For starters, what kind of move will you be making? If it is a local move and you'll be driving to your new home, then your pets can most likely make the trip along with you. For smaller dogs and cats, there are pet carriers that you can buy to keep your cat or dog safe and contained during the trip and prevent it from climbing all over the car. If your pet isn't used to car rides, especially long car rides, take it in the car with you a few times in the weeks and months leading up to your move to get it accustomed to being in the car. Also get your pet used to riding in the pet carrier and make sure that it is comfortable enough. 

For larger dogs or other animals that won't fit in a pet carrier, you can still take it in the car with you, however it's best to purchase a pet barrier to place in between the front and back seats so the dog doesn't attempt to disrupt you while your'e driving. 

If you're making a long distance move and have chosen to fly to your new home, there are options available to you for this method of transportation as well. Most major airlines will allow you to bring pets onboard, however you must call them prior to your trip and discuss it with the airline, as they will need to know the size of the animal, what breed it is, and any other pertinent information. You will also need to check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is well enough to fly. The high altitude and low pressure affects small animals a lot more than it affects us, so make sure that flying is safe for your pet before you embark.

Most planes will have a special area designated for traveling pets near the cargo, however if your pet is small enough and you have the proper carrier, the airline may let you bring the animal on board and keep it under your seat. Again, these options vary from airline-to-airline and it's best to call them beforehand and figure out the details.


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