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What does cbf mean?

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Asked by Sandra

July 19, 2012 under Moving Companies

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 18, 2013

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CBF is an acronym for "cubic feet", a common measurement used to indicate volume when moving. To determine an item's cubic feet, you first measure its length and width. If it less than a full foot, you can use inches and convert it to feet later.

Next, multiply the length by the width to determine the area in square feet (or square inches).

L x W =area (sq ft/in)

For example, if you are measuring a box that is two feet long and two feet wide, the area of that box would equal four square feet (or 576 square inches).

2 ft x 2 ft = 4 sq ft

24 in x 24 in = 576 sq in

Next, measure the height of the object and multiply your area by the height.

H x A = CBF

For example, if the height is also two feet, your box would measure eight cubic feet (or 13,824 cubic inches)

4 sq ft x 2 ft = 8 cb ft

576 sq in x 24 in = 13,824 cb in

To translate cubic inches into cubic feet, divide the result by 1728.

13,824 cb in / 1728= 8 cb ft

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