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what does cbf stand for on the weight estimate calculator?

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Asked by Jonathan

April 6, 2015 under Others

Answered by Ryan Hussey

April 6, 2015
Hi Jonathan, and thank you for your question!

Moving Estimate Weight Cost Calculator

Our weight estimate calculator is an extremely useful tool for people who are looking to move. By inputting simple information into the calculator, you can get a rough estimate of how much your items weigh, in turn preparing you for potential moving quotes.

Important information in the calculator:
  • Item name - this identifies the type of item you're dealing with, ie. a large box or a sofa
  • Weight - approximate weight of item in pounds
  • CBF - this approximates the volume of the item in cubic feet
  • Qty - this notes how many of each item you have, ie. 4 large boxes, 2 medium boxes, 1 bureau
We hope this information is helpful. When using our weight calculator, try to be as accurate as possible to ensure a true estimate.

Thanks again for your question, and good luck with your move!
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