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What if movers are not packing properly - throwing things randomly in a UHaul truck? Serious question. Its happening now.

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Asked by Ami

September 8, 2014 under Moving Labor

What if movers are not packing properly - throwing things randomly in UHaul truck. Serious question. Its happening now.

Answered by Mike Sannitti

September 8, 2014

Thanks for visiting Movers.com, I'll try to help you with your question about what to do when movers are not packing things properly.

Movers are hired by you to move your items safely, so if they are not doing a satisfactory job, it is well within your rights to complain and even call off the move, especially in the early packing stage of moving.

The best way to ensure that movers handle your things properly is to make your presence known. Watch them and be obvious about it. They should take more care of your items if they know they're being supervised. You can verbally intruct them, as well.

If you are more concerned with the logic of the packing order, be sure to reference this guide. It is not always obvious what should be packed first, so make sure your movers actually are doing a bad job before complaining about it.

No matter what the reason, you are a paying customer and if you feel uneasy, now is the time to speak up. Movers can hold your items if you deny payment after they have loaded everything, so it is important to voice your concerns early.

If the movers themselves wo not listen, you could try calling the moving company directly. If all that does not improve the handling of your items, then you should call off the move and threaten to call the police if the movers do not relinquish your items.

If you can afford to postpone the move, it is a good idea to have other movers you can contact to do the job. The best way to ensure that you get good service is by exercising your right to walk away and get service elsewhere. There are many movers who can do the job you are looking for, so if one moving company is doing a bad job, you certainly can choose to hire a different one.

Fill out our quote form to see what other companies can move your items. Get multiple quotes and screen the possible new companies by visiting the review section. While you're there you can submit a negative review for the moving company that mishandled your items. I'm sure you'll want everyone to know to avoid this bad moving company.

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