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What should I do 3 weeks before moving?

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Asked by Derek

December 1, 2020 under Others

What to do 3 weeks before moving?

Answered by Staff Writer

October 19, 2021

If you are moving within a month and still there are plenty of things to get done, don't worry! Follow the steps below and find out what you need to do three weeks before you move so, you can be sure to get everything done on time.

What do I do 3 weeks before a move?Inform your movers if there are any changes:

You might want to change your moving plan. For example, you may want to add or remove anything from your moving list, or you may want to reschedule your move due to some reason. Whatever the situation is, keep in mind that you should keep your moving company updated on these changes. Keeping your movers updated is the way to make sure there are no unexpected things coming on moving day.

Prepare for the day of the move:

It may seem like you have a lot of time, but before your move, you need to be prepared. Here are a few things you need to prepare for the day of the move.

  • Create or schedule a plan for the big day
  • Sort out your belongings and decide what to pack and move with you
  • Get the packing supplies that you need to pack your belongings
  • Finish the majority of packing (Make sure you do it by the end of the week.)
  • Update your mailing address and subscriptions
  • Pay any remaining bills and transfer utilities before you move
  • Decide what and where you will eat the night before your move.
  • You will have to carry all your documents, jewelry, credit cards, and other important stuff with you. If you have any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them before you move.

Create a list of things you need to pack:

Before you begin packing, go through your home and take note of the items you plan to pack or leave behind while moving. If you are having unwanted items, sell or donate them online. The items which are the most important things that you really want, pack them in moving boxes and labeled as "Need to move." Getting organized before you start moving heavier items will save you time and energy.

Dispose of any unwanted items:

If you have any unwanted items that you no longer need, it’s better to discard them before you move to your new home. It will lighten your load and save some money in the process.

Begin packing:

If you are planning on packing your own belongings for your move, now it’s a good time to get started. Get rid of unwanted things and start packing essentials like toiletries, clothes, medications, and other important things. Also, make sure everyone in your family has their own essential kit with everything they need.

Disassemble the furniture:

Depending on the type of mover you've hired; you may need to take apart your furniture before they arrive. A full-service moving company will do this for you and wrap the furniture as part of the moving agreement. But if you're not using professional movers and planning for doing it yourself move, now is the time to pack your furniture. Keep in mind, when you’re packing on your own, usually, the movers will not be responsible for any damage that may occur inside the boxes.

Prepare your pets and plants 1 week before the move:

By deciding early on how your pets will be getting to their new home, you will avoid the stress involved with the travel. Take your pets to your veterinarian to ensure they have the required certificates in your new city that you are moving far.

Make the final arrangements:

If you are moving long-distance, make the final arrangements to get done so you and your family reach safely.

  • Before you move, you should inspect your vehicle to make sure that it is in good condition and running well.
  • Spend some time preparing your vehicle for the move to avoid accidents that might ruin your fun along the way.
  • Have your vehicle registration, license, and insurance.
  • If you’re moving to another state or another country, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your current state and request more information about the registration procedure in your new state.

Clean your new home before moving in:

Finally, clean your new home before you move as it will be much easier without all your belongings. If you don’t have time to clean the space, consider hiring a cleaning service. It’ll save time and make your move easy.

By following the above tips, you will have a smooth and successful relocation well before the moving day.

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