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What would be a ballpark figure to pack up and move a persons belongings,1bed no furniture only lots of music amplifiers computers clothes

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Asked by Robert

April 6, 2015 under Others

For a company to move house belongins. No furniture. 1 bed and lots of amplifiers and 2 desks 130 mi. From little Rock ar to portland ar 71663.

Answered by Mike Sannitti

April 6, 2015

Thank you for visiting Movers.com! Let me try to help you find a ballpark figure for your move.

An estimate?
Unfortunately, it would be irresponsible of me to try to give you a ballpark figure myself since Movers.com is not a moving company-- we simply provide a means to access them. There are no set prices in the moving industry and each move has unique circumstances that can affect the price. Therefore, any number I give you could be misleading.

Variable costs of moving

For example, you are moving a lot of electronic equipment. This may require additional insurance or specialty movers, which can drastically alter the price. It is up to you to decide how much protection your belongings need.

Another problem is that different moving companies can charge significantly different prices for the same service. That is why it is important to get at least three estimates from separate moving companies. If you compare prices given to you from movers who are actually looking to get your business, you will get a better idea of what a fair ballpark figure for your move is.

Get multiple estimates from moving companies
To get these quotes, fill out a form on our homepage. Companies in your area will contact you with estimates for your move after you enter your information. After comparing the companies and their prices, you can make an informed decision and choose the best one for you. Good luck!

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