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what would it cost to move five blocks

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Asked by Alex

October 3, 2014 under Others

how much would it cost to move five blocks

Answered by Mike Sannitti

October 3, 2014

Thanks for visiting Movers.com, I'll be happy to help you with your question about how much a five block move would cost.

The cost of a move can vary greatly depending on several factors in addition to distance. In order to get an accurate idea of what a moving job will cost, you're going to need to provide more information. Fortunately, all you have to do is fill out a quote form in our section for local movers and you will get free estimates.

The form will ask you several things in addition to the distance of the move:


  • What is your starting address?
  • What is your destination?
  • When do you want to move?
  • How big is your shipment?
Once all of this information is filled out you will see quotes from a number of local moving companies that can do the job for you. Get at least three different estimates from three different moving companies in order to be sure that you get a fair price. You will then have an accurate idea of what your particular five block move will cost.
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