Whats the average cost to know move from 38680 to 30152 about 3500lbs
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Whats the avg cost to know move from 38680 to 30152, with weight of $3500.

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Asked by Stanley

December 7, 2016 under Others

2 bedroom move, no living room set.

Answered by Monica Dufour

December 8, 2016

Hi and thank you for contacting Movers.com with your question. 

The average cost will depend if you plan on moving yourself or hiring a moving company. 

DIY move
If you are planning on moving your home by yourself, you will need to rent a truck. A 14' U-Haul is suggested for a two-bedroom apartment move and will cost a flat fee of $29.95 for the day plus $0.99 for every mile traveled. You may also be required to pay for fuel plus the cost of packing supplies ($60-$150).

Hiring a moving company
Doing a DIY move can be tiring so you may be considering hiring a professional moving company. Since your move is less than 500 miles, the standard cost, if the weight was about 5,000 pounds, would cost around $2,000. Since the total weight of your items is less than that, the price would be closer to $1,000. But the price will depend on the moving company that you choose and if you want any additions such as packing services or mover's insurance. 

Getting a quote
To get the most accurate cost, it would be best to call up moving companies and know their prices. When you're ready to get a quote, you just need to fill out this free and hassle-free form. From there, you will be connected with up to seven moving companies. From there, you'll receive a variety of quotes. 

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