What does a mover paid from a relocation fund do?
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When a mover is paid from a relocation fund what are they required to do beside move mobile?

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Asked by Gracie

June 21, 2016 under Others

Our mobile was moved to to park closure. Mover is being paid from relocation fund. What are they required to do besides move our mobile?

Answered by Cassandra Rose

June 22, 2016
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Based on our research, the relocation fund only covers the physical relocation of your mobile home to another facility within a 50 mile radius, and all your mover is required to do is to relocate your mobile.

Mobile home relocation fund
The cost covered is either the total amount of your move, or $5,000 for a single section home, or $10,000 for a multi-section mobile -- whichever is cheaper.

You can find more information on the Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety website.

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