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when beginning to pack where do i start?

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Asked by Vicki

February 16, 2013 under Others

im helping my daughter move her small family out of thier small apartment. what items do we pack first?

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 15, 2013

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Packing can often seem like an overwhelming task that's nearly impossible to accomplish! However, strategic planning and alotting yourself sufficient time to complete the process can make it much less fearsome and a whole lot easier.

When figuring out where to start packing, the answer is simple--pack your least-used items first. Everyday items like cookware, cutlery, and bedding will need to packed closer to moving day. The first things you pack should be items with little utility, such as collectibles, knickknacks, and other belongings with no purpose other than ornamental.

Next, pack out-of-season clothing, CDs, DVDs, books, certain toys, etc.--items that can still be used, but are not necessities. The last items you will want to pack are the things you use often or everyday.

In order to make the packing process easier, create a packing inventory with a list of items in your household. With a complete checklist of belongings in front of you, you can easily prioritize what should be packed first, and what should be saved for last. Make it a point to tackle at least one box a day, and check off the items after they are packed. This is a great way to stay organized and remember what you have already packed as well as what still needs to be packed.

However, the most important thing to remember is not to procrastinate. Start packing early and often so you are not rushing to throw things into boxes a week before moving day. Alloting yourself the appropriate amount of time to pack your belongings correctly using the proper materials will ensure that they do not sustain any damage during transport and arrive at your new home unscathed and intact.

If you are under strict time constraints, another option is to hire a professional packing service. Professional packers can pack up the contents of a home in several hours to a day, using the most efficient methods for wrapping and boxing up your items to ensure safety during transit. To get free quotes from packing services for your upcoming move, you can start right here at Movers.com.

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