Will the movers come and look at what I will be moving?
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Will they come and look at what I will be moving?

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Asked by Kennith

May 5, 2016 under Others

Will they come and look at what I am moving?

Answered by Monica Dufour

May 5, 2016

Hi. Thanks for contacting Movers.com with your question.

When deciding on your moving company, you can make a request to have someone come out and check out your items. Then they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate and time frame. If you like, moving companies also offer packing services. They will pack your items with care so you can make sure they are in perfect condition at your new place.

At Movers.com, we connect customers, like you, with reliable moving companies in their area. All you have to do fill out our simple quote form, and up to seven professional moving companies in our network will contact you with a free quote. From there, you can compare rates and services. Then you can have them come and take a look at your items.

Good luck with your future move!

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