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Recycle Your Moving Boxes Into These Spooky Halloween Decorations

Haunted House Cardboard Monster DIYThere's nothing more horrifying to some than moving to a new area. Thankfully, if you happen to move before Halloween and have a few moving boxes left lying around, you can easily recycle those into some fun and spooky decorations for your home -- easily making you the hit (or the nightmare) of your new neighborhood.

Cut out creepy silhouettes

Trace horrifying silhouettes of whatever strikes your fancy onto your used (and broken down) cardboard moving boxes and cut them out with a box cutter. Paint the silhouettes black and once dry, prop them up in your windows between the glass and your curtains. For a creepy glow behind your silhouette, tape pieces of green, red, orange or yellow tissue paper. The light from the interior of your home will give your creatures a ghastly gleam. You can also invest in some multi-colored light bulbs to back light them even more.

Construct a graveyard
It doesn't take much crafting ability to create a moving box tombstone, which can be as simple or elaborate as you want. To get started, trace out a tombstone shape onto your box and then cut it out with scissors or a box cutter. Using some spray paint, color the cardboard a grey color, or you can invest in some stone speckled spray paint for a more realistic look. Once the tombstone is completely dry, you can add the name of the deceased (puns like "Abby Normal" are always appreciated) with a sharpie. To add it onto your lawn, attach a wooden stake or a stick to the unpainted back with duct tape and insert it into the ground. Don't want to damage your brand new lawn? Anchor the cardboard between some heavy rocks to prevent it from being blown away or knocked over.

Add terrifying signage
If the horrifying visages in the windows and the graveyard weren't enough, add some scary signs to further frighten trick-or-treaters when they go to ring your doorbell. As you did with the other two projects, trace your sign shape onto your cardboard and cut it out. This is where you can get creative with painting and writing messages, creating warning signs for your soon to be guests. Some popular warnings about someone's impending doom include: "Danger," "Caution," "Beware" and "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here." Once your sign is created and dry, tape a stake or stick to the back and place them throughout your yard.

Board up the windows
Finally, to give your house that abandoned feel it may have once had, trace and cut board shapes out of your moving boxes. Paint these strips of cardboard with a fake wooden pattern to give them a realistic feel -- complete with painted on nails, which admittedly, will require some skill. When the paint is dry, tape the faux boards haphazardly onto the outside of your windows (with the tape side hidden from view), giving your home that boarded up look. It may not be enough to prepare you for the zombie apocalypse, but you'll be more than Halloween ready.

Tricks for Relocating a Safe

Most safes are large and heavy -- both fire and water resistant. Because they are made to protect valuables at all costs, they are heavy and cumbersome to move. What happens when you need to relocate? Here are some tips to make moving your safe easier.

Safety concerns

Never pick up a safe without first finding out the weight and dimensions. You will need (at least) two people to move it, and you can determine what equipment you will need: a hand truck, moving straps, and thick durable blankets to slide the safe if necessary.

Correct wardrobe

Dress so you are susceptible to injury. For example, wear solid boots and work gloves with good protection as not to pinch your hands. Loose fitting clothes can get stuck on a corner, and flip flops leave your toes vulnerable. 


Securely fastened

If you use a hand truck, lift the safe partially and slide the dolly under it. Once on, strap it securely to the hand truck. The weight should be evenly distributed to prevent tipping.


If you are moving up or down a flight of stairs, employ a lot of friends to assist you. We recommend at least 4. Have a precise plan ahead of time. Watch your fingers and feet during the whole process. The momentum of moving down stairs makes it hard to control. Helpers should stand at the base of the staircase to ease the safe down each flight. If you don't have friends who feel comfortable helping you move it, hire some helpers.

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Summer Send Off: Helpful Hacks

As the warm weather dies down, get the most out of your days with these fun DIY projects! Whether you prefer relaxing in the sunshine or getting stuff done around the house, these hacks will keep you busy enough to ignore the impending end of summer.

DIY hammock

Create a backyard hammock using a twin-sized bed sheet, a knife, and approximately ten feet of rope. Your kids will love lazy lounging before going back to school! You'll only need half of the sheet (lengthwise). Cut the rope in half as well and tie each piece of rope to one end of the sheet. Finally, attach the rope ends to nearby trees to suspend the hammock and start relaxing.

Aloe ice cubes
Most of us suffer from sunburn at some point in the season. Soothe your scorched skin with easy-to-make aloe cubes. Pour aloe vera gel into your ice cube tray and freeze it overnight. Rub a cube over sunburn for cooling nourishment and fast burn relief. Add in some lavender essential oil for refreshment that speeds up healing and prevents peeling.

Homemade bubble solution
Forget the store bought bubbles! Make your own bubble-blowing solution (and wands) with your kids at home for double the fun. Combine 1/2 cup light corn syrup and a 1/2 cup of hot water; whisk until dissolved. Next, slowly add 1/2 cup liquid dish soap; whisk well. Allow solution to settle for a few hours in a container with a lid. Create wands in fun shapes by attaching pipe cleaners to cookie cutters.  

Bird feeder chandelier
Keep your backyard's avian population well-fed and happy with an elegant chandelier turned bird-feeder! You can find an old chandelier easily at a thrift or consignment shop, and hang it from a tree or hook in your yard. Replace the light fixtures with spray-painted dishes filled with birdseed and turn your yard into the classiest bird hang out around.

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