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Fantastic Ways To Design An Ikea Kitchen

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Design an Ikea furniture in kitchenAre you looking to design your kitchen while saving money? Ikea is the perfect solution since it is one of the best places to buy good quality products at a low price. The minimum cost of designing a kitchen with Ikea furniture is around $19,000 with the maximum cost being around $113,000. Ikea's reasonably priced items will suit your budget and give a great look to your house without requiring a heavy investment.

Things like kitchen items are cheap and all set to be dispatched at Ikea, and there is a great variety of styles available at Ikea regardless of whether you have a big house or a small house. In short, you can redesign your whole kitchen using Ikea cabinets, sinks, countertops, and more . We suggest visiting the Ikea store multiple times before making a final decision so that you can be assured that you are buying the right fixtures.

Here’s what you need to know about designing a new kitchen with Ikea furniture:

Identify your style

  • Try investing some time in dreaming about your perfect kitchen. This is the phase where all your ideas and wants
    will take shape.
  • Prepare a list of your needs and create a mental picture of the ideal kitchen in your mind. This will help you visually match items at Ikea for your dream kitchen.
  • Think about if you’d prefer to have a classic kitchen with multiple drawers and details that are visible or a conventional approach with optimized designs as well as drawers that are hidden behind bigger fronts.
  • Try taking inspiration from an Ikea store, website, or brochure if you are having trouble thinking of ideas.

Establish your budget

  • When preparing the budget, you will need to consider the cost of kitchen renovation (purchasing kitchen countertops or cabinets), and the cost of hiring laborers.
  • Any item you purchase from Ikea will require assembly. You need to decide you are going to do assemble that item by yourself or if you need to hire workers to do the same.

Here are a few rough estimates of how much it will cost to buy Ikea kitchen furniture and appliances:

Furniture/Appliances Average Cost
10X10 kitchen cabinet $899- $2999
Countertop $39-$69/ square foot
Ovens $799- $1499
Stoves $349-$899
Dishwashers $269- $849
Refrigerator and freezer $549-$1799
Kitchen ranges $495- $1299


Apart from those, other items you should consider in your budget might be:

  • Kitchen islands
  • Window treatment
  • Lighting
  • Flooring

You don't need to buy all your kitchen appliances from Ikea; you can purchase them elsewhere or choose to upgrade them later. The key is to decide what furniture or appliances you are going to buy from Ikea within your budget.

Gauge your kitchen

  • Don’t forget to measure your kitchen before you buy any appliances or cabinets. This will be easier to do when your kitchen is vacant, so try moving things around or getting measurements before things are placed in the kitchen. Moreover, if your kitchen hasn’t been broken apart yet, it would be a little difficult to calculate the dimensions of your kitchen.
  • Consider any door swings, baseboard trims, outlets, or window openings that might interfere with the measurement of your kitchen.

Choose your kitchen zones

Prepare a checklist of kitchen items and identify where in the kitchen you will expect to place them. Usually, a kitchen designer will advise you to think smartly about the organization of your kitchen. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Plan to accommodate the dishwasher near the sink and the utensils near the cooktop.
  • In case you plan to buy an appliance, we suggest you consider its dimension while creating your plan.
  • Bigger items like a cabinet need to be considered from the start since they need to be organized around other appliances.
  • You must decide how you cook and where you will keep your dishware pantry.
  • If you want to have a high pantry, you will need to compromise the countertop space of your kitchen. Also, you should consider if you’d prefer to have pullout drawers over adjustable shelves.

Any professional designer will concentrate on these minute details to make sure the kitchen is properly functional. You can do the same as well and make the entire process enjoyable at the same time. If you choose Ikea, you may not be able to personalize your whole kitchen, but you will have a variety of choices.

Online kitchen design planner

The online 3D kitchen planner is an app with the help of which you can design your dream kitchen and it's very convenient to use . Once you enter the complete dimension layout of your room or kitchen, it will be very easy for you to virtually move cabinets and appliances all over the room so that you can identify the best layout.

With this tool, you can imagine yourself working as well as enjoying your kitchen space. This will also help you check the different choices of cabinets and maintain a record of the materials and costs involved.

Assembling your kitchen

You may find it difficult to identify the right furniture pieces and fix them together. This usually happens when you have many items to assemble. Here’s what you should know about hiring a service company or Ikea workers for the assembly of your kitchen furniture:

  • Ikea kitchen furniture needs to be set up on site (meaning that it is set up inside your kitchen). Also, the stability, durability and functionality of the cabinet will partly depend on the person who is assembling and placing it.
  • A professional makes use of glue and other adhesives to enhance the durability of your kitchen furniture or appliances. If you don’t feel confident in your assembly skills or usage of proper building materials, it’s advised to get professional assistance.
  • If you have a rough floor, you might need a service company to adjust the legs of a kitchen cabinet or other pieces furniture.

If you don’t have many items to assemble and/or are confident in your building skills, you can do it by yourself easily. Ikea furniture is made in a way that it can be put together by customers themselves, and you don’t need any specific skills or certifications to assembly for their furniture. Only a lot of work will be required.

Final Thoughts

If you want to design a budget-friendly kitchen, Ikea will probably be the best option for you. We suggest you visit Ikea in person to check out the items and then decide where you will want to buy your kitchen furniture and appliances. Though you will need to assemble that furniture, detailed guidelines will be available for you to do so, making your work easy. You also still have the option of hiring Ikea workers, so all you really need to mainly think about is designing your dream kitchen!

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