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Interior Shutter Install

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Interior window shutters can add a significant level of sophistication and utility to any room in your home. Instead of using drapes or blinds to regulate the sunlight coming in through the window, the horizontal slats in the shutters (called louvers) open and close, allowing you to choose the lighting level. Then, there's always the option of opening the shutters completely and letting all the light you can inside. Installing the shutters yourself is doable, but requires some measurement and time.

How to Install Interior Shutters

The first measurements you take should be to make sure that the window is square. Measure each side of the window jamb vertically and compare the lengths. If they are off by more than half an inch, installing the shutters inside the window may be more trouble than it's worth. Consider installing shutters that attach outside the window frame.

Next, measure the width of the window (from the inside or outside of each jamb, depending on where you are attaching the shutters) at the top and bottom. After that, measure the depth of the window from the sill to the nearest obstruction, be it a handle, hinge, or anything else that would prevent the louvers from opening. These measurements will aid you in choosing and purchasing the right shutters for your windows.

The best-looking way to install interior shutters is to use rear hanging strips. Other methods can look gaudy and unprofessional. Follow the instructions that come with your shutters for the installation of these strips.

Once you've installed the shutters, make sure they open and close easily. If necessary, trim them with a saw or planer so that everything fits the way it should. Keep in mind, too, that wood expands in the heat and humidity, so a snug fit in the wintertime could be a problem once summer comes.

Carefully follow the instructions that come with the shutters. If you are unsure about your measurements, have someone else measure and compare the results. Once your shutters are installed and functional, you'll be amazed at what it can do for a room!

Adam Mandelbaum  Posted by Adam Mandelbaum on January 7, 2013

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