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Home Improvement 101

From replacing an outlet to finishing the basement, follow these step-by-step home renovation tips to add value to your house.

  • Basement

    Basements can be a functional living area and a worthwhile investment in your home. To remodel your cellar, decide on a purpose for the space, prevent flooding, and insulate the walls.

  • Bathroom

    A remodel can be beneficial by raising the value of your home. Maybe you just want to update it for personal use. Either way, these tips will guide you through the ins and outs of renovating your bathroom.

  • Construction

    No matter how large or small the project, these guides will offer you some tips and suggestions for hiring a reliable contractor to handle your home renovation or if it’s possible to tackle the job on your own.

  • Heating/Cooling

    With regular maintenance and repair, you can keep your heating and cooling systems working efficiently and cut costs drastically. Learn how to reduce consumption and what jobs require a professional.

  • Electronics

    From upgrading your electrical panel to home automation systems, these guides offer tips for keeping your home up-to-date electronically for yourself and prospective buyers in the future.

  • Exterior

    These guides offer tips for maintaining your home's exterior, so you can make a lasting impression on friends and family as well as effectively market it to prospective buyers if you ever intend to sell.

  • Interior

    A few fun accessories, some paint, and a little creativity will give your home a fresh, new look! Even a simple deep clean and reorganization can revamp your home's appearance easily and affordably.

  • Floors

    When it's time to remodel your home, why not start with the flooring? Know what options you have as well as how tough it is to maintain and repair each type before choosing to renovate.

  • Foundation

    Even though most states require licensed contractors to carry out the precise and difficult work of laying down a foundation, but you might need to repair or waterproof it further down the line.

  • Garage

    Commonly used for storing cars, a garage can be converted into a workroom, an exercise room, a home theater, or even an apartment. If your property does have space for one, consider building a carport.

  • Gardening Guides

    Growing a garden can be a great project to take on. Planting, whether vegetables or flowers, requires some planning. Before growing and digging, watering and weeding, know where to start.

  • Gutters

    One of the greatest hassles of owning a home is cleaning debris out the gutters. However, your gutters protect your exterior walls from water damage and should be maintained and repaired when necessary.

  • Kitchen

    Whether you plan to remodel your kitchen for aesthetics (an updated, modern look) or functionality (replacing damaged or dirty features), these projects can be super beneficial when selling your home.

  • Home Improvement 101

    Do you know the ins and outs of home improvement? Whether renovating or protecting from harmful chemicals, prepare your house thoroughly for common mishaps as well as natural disasters.

  • Fencing

    Do you know the difference between installing and maintaining wood, vinyl, and chain link fencing? Weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding on which option is right for you.

  • Landscape

    Your yard presents you with infinite design and use opportunities. Maintenance ideas include mowing, fertilization, sod, and a sprinkler system. Do you know enough to keep your lawn lush and green?

  • Outdoor Construction

    Are you ready to take on a DIY project to enhance your yard? Learn how to repair a deck, install a gazebo, move a shed, create a poolside patio, and other outdoor construction projects.

  • Doors

    That front door is an integral part in the safety and decor of any home, so when the time comes to replace your door and install a new one, you'll want to know all of your options.

  • Inspection

    Your home inspector will typically know the most important parts of the house to inspect, but it's also helpful for you to have a list of problem areas that need to be assessed.

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