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Devils Lake
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Grand Forks
Huff, ND
Jamestown, ND
Minot, ND
North River, ND
Prairie Rose
South Prairie, ND
Valley City, ND
West Fargo
Williston, ND

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Moving to North Dakota?

North Dakota is a state along the Canadian border that is considered as the geographic center of North America. It is officially nicknamed the Peace Garden State because of the presence of the International Peace Garden that lies on the frontier of North Dakota and the Canadian Province of Manitoba. The state is known by other nicknames such as the Flickertail State, due to the abundance of flickertail squirrels. Etymologically, the name Dakota originated from a Siouan language which means “a friend or an ally.”

North Dakota was inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Sioux, Mandan, Arikara, and Chippewa. The Spanish and the French were among the earliest European settlers. State officials, in their earnestness to attract immigrants, promoted the “Myth of North Dakota.”

If you’re moving to North Dakota, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Things to Know When Moving to North Dakota

North Dakota Climate

  • A continental climate with cold winters and hot summers is prevalent in North Dakota. Other climatological events like rain, snow, hail, blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and high-speed winds also occur in the state. Red River Valley experiences springtime flooding due to melting of the ice. Geographically from east to west, North Dakota is divided into three regions – Red River Valley in the east, Drift Prairie to the west of the valley, and the rest of the state is covered by the Great Plains. A typical topographical feature in the southwestern region of the state is the presence of badlands, which are rock formations in myriad shapes, occurring due to erosion by wind and water. (Helpful Link: North Dakota Weather)

Moving Specifics

  • Registering your Car: You have 5 days to register and title your vehicle at any Motor Vehicle Division office. If you are unable to get it, then you can obtain a self-issuing temporary registration permit given by a law-enforcement agency, dealer, or at any branch office location. These temporary permits are valid for 30 days. (Helpful Link: North Dakota DMV)

  • Obtaining a North Dakota Driver’s License: Upon becoming a resident of North Dakota, you have 60 days to obtain your driver's license. You have to take a written exam at any of the Drivers License and Testing Offices. You will also need to make an appointment for taking the road test.

  • Real Estate: The average listing price for homes in North Dakota is $215,473, while the median sales price is just over $88,600. The North Dakota Association of Realtors is the official real estate resource for the state of North Dakota.

  • Moving and Storage:If you are looking for a moving company or storage facility to help you with anything, you should check to make sure the company is registered with the United States Department of Transportation or with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (Helpful Link: North Dakota State Moving Resource Page)


  • The operation and maintenance of public schools, schools for the deaf and blind, and the state library are enforced by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The schools in North Dakota have adapted the Common Core Standards in English, Language Arts, and Mathematics. The State Board of Higher Education oversees the functioning of the North Dakota University system and the state's 11 publicly supported colleges and universities. The North Dakota University system is comprised of 11 campuses, two research institutions, four regional universities, and five community colleges. Notable among them are Dickinson State University, Minot State University, and Valley City State University. (Helpful Link: North Dakota Schools)

Crime Rankings

As of 2011, North Dakota was ranked 5th out of 50 states in violent crime, with a total of less than 10 violent crimes for every 100,000 people in the state.

Economy of North Dakota


The North Dakota state economy is fueled by its agriculture, petroleum, and food processing industries. It leads in the production of cereal grains such as barley, durum wheat, spring wheat, oats, and buckwheat. The state also leads in oilseed production, especially flax seed, sunflower seed, and mustard seeds. Other products include honey, sugar beets, peas, and potatoes. Lignite coal reserves in the state are used to generate electricity. Oil has been drilled at various places, and the state is currently the second largest producer in the U.S. with a production capacity of 575,490 barrels a day. The state's parks and events like Norsk Hostfest and Medora bring in thousands of tourists.

Employment Statistics

  • As of early 2012, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country of 3.0 percent, which is substantially lower than the national average of 8.2 percent. (Helpful Link: North Dakota Department of Labor)

Average Income

The median household income in the state of North Dakota is $46,781, while the average per capita income for the state is $25,803.

Important Locations in North Dakota

  • State Capital: Bismarck

  • Largest Cities:
    1. Fargo
    2. Grand Forks
    3. Minot
    4. Mandan
    5. Dickinson

  • Major landmarks and attractions: Fort Mandan Overlook State Historic Site; Ralph Engelstad Arena; Maah Daah Hey Trail; International Peace Garden; Bonanzaville USA; Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge; Gardendweller's Farm. (Helpful Link: Top Tourist Attractions in North Dakota)

  • National Parks:
    1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park
    2. Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site
    3. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

  • State park System: The Parks and the Recreation Department in the state manages and administers the 14 state parks. From badlands to scenic byways and pristine lakes and rivers, North Dakota's landscape is highly varied and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Maah Daah Hey Trail is suitable for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. You can go fishing, canoeing, and kayaking in the numerous rivers and lakes of the state. The state has a higher number of golf courses than any other state. In the fall, you can indulge in skiing and snowmobiling. For those of you who are not into outdoor activities, you can enjoy a game of blackjack at various casinos. (Helpful Link: North Dakota Department of Natural Resources)

  • Major Airports:
    1. Hector International Airport
    2. Grand Forks International Airport
    3. Minot International Airport
    4. Bismarck Municipal Airport
    5. Sloulin Field International Airport

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Review by : Syed

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