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Member of BBB: Yes
Insurance: On file: $300,000
Required: $300,000
Year of Estd: 7/14/1998

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All My Sons of Newport News, Inc
15306 Warwick Blvd
Newport NewsVA 23608 USA

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Phone: 804-409-0814
Fax: 888-486-5298

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No Photo Chadwick
November 23, 2021


Update on All My Sons disastrous move in September. A representative by the name of Bryce called a few weeks after my posted review and played "good-cop bad-cop". He expressed great remorse on our experience and told me he was retired military so to hear that his company treated military this way was even more of a disappointment and regret. He promised he'd send his direct number so I could contact him directly and that they wanted to make things as right as possible. He sent a link for making a claim which is a joke. The reimbursement would be pennies. Just ONE item they damaged, a 17th century candlestick table is nearly the cost of the entire move. And, by the way, I'm still waiting on that email or text giving me Bryce's direct number. I wasn't able to get into the storage garages All My Sons moved me in because I physically had not relocated to the state, however I have now done so. The worthless crew lived up to their first impression I had of them. They literally threw our belongings nearly filling TWO 10x20 storage units. I had to hire a local crew to take everything out of both so I could see if the caused more damage and to repack and stack the items safely. The local crew got everything in ONE storage unit. The crew that All My Sons sent was worthless and so incompetent, I can't fully express it in words. I am quite sure that they are still employed. Never forget, this always rolls downhill and the management at All My Sons are equally, if not more incompetent, and have no clue how to treat customers. The best skill they have is how to run a credit card for payment. They caused so much damage that I can't list everything but the most costly items include a riser, 18th century original red painted chest of drawers, a 18th century original blue painted mule chest, 18th century blanket chest and a 17th child's rope bed. They literally wrapped ADHESIVE TAPE directly on the surface of an original painted chest. I tried to remove it gently but couldn't prevent pulling off some of the original painted surface. They also threw a military decorated uniform on a mannequin directly inside a box and broke the entire stand and medals were all scattered at the bottom. Some regard and respect for our military, huh? Another shining star for this worthless crew. I am taking the pieces to a restorer in Raleigh NC and see is he can repair these appropriately. The damage has already caused depreciation over half of what the pieces were worth. We have spread the word to both bases in Virginia and NC. All My Sons is not supporters of military or military families that was evident when we experienced problems on the day of the move and how they abandoned the job. Their crew literally left rooms full of furniture and items not boxed. We had to frantically find other people to help us finish the job because my spouse was being deployed and started at the new base on Monday. Anyone considering this company should run.

Origin : Newport News, VA
Destination : North Carolina

No Photo William
February 8, 2021

Local Move,Lots of Damage

We were assured that they had great experience with local moves and protecting fragile items. They may have had plenty of local experience but we experienced over $4,000 worth of damage,some of it to irreplaceable items. Of course they explain that their max liability is $0.60 per pound,which for us added up to $603 in compensation. Beware! Don't choose this company unless you have great outside moving insurance! Submitting a claim was very difficult as they require photos for everything and claim that they didn't receive your photos. I had to send my claim four times before finally getting traction. Our military moves had less damage than this company!

Origin : Smithfield, VA
Destination : Smithfield, VA

Quoted Price : $12,000.00
Actual Price : $12,000.00

No Photo Jacqueline
January 13, 2019


This company was hired in good faith to move me from my apartment to a home less than 16 minutes away. They were supposed to arrive at 4:45 p.m., then called to say 7 p.m. NO SHOW! They didn't even have the courtesy to call and cancel. And they didn't answer my phone calls to see what was going on. I waited 5 hours on my day off. The next day, they called to apologize and would move me that day. I had to work and a friend stood in for me. I had over $4000 of brand new furniture - 6 months old. This moving company didn't cover anything properly, not to mention a white couch with tags on it. Every piece of furniture was damaged in some way. They offered $300 for repairs and cleaning. Unacceptable. My $699 dresser is ruined. Furniture repair says one of the drawers was apparently dropped and forced back into position. It won't close and was chipped on the edge. The white couch has grease marks all over it. Every piece of wood furniture has scratches or gouges. The unprofessionalism of this company is beyond reproach. I highly DO NOT recommend this company for your moving needs.

Origin : Virginia Beach, VA
Destination : Virginia Beach, VA

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $300.00

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