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Accuracy of Estimate 4.5
Moving Services 4.4
Packing Services 4.6
Professionalism 4.6

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License Info: US DOT # 1617396
ICC MC # 605702
Insurance: On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 10/1/2001

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Compass Van Lines, Inc.
9201 BROWN LN STE 130

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No Photo Anonymous
April 20, 2016


They were professional, careful and ...

It was excellent. They were professional, they were careful, they were clean. They kept me informed and the price was good.

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Gila Cliff Dwellings Nationa, NM

No Photo Nicholas
March 24, 2016


Everything was great!

It was good. They got everything in and out quickly and they did a good job. They were careful with everything. Everything was great.

Origin : Balcones, TX
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Sandra
January 20, 2016


The movers arrived on time and were ...

I had a great experience with them, they were on time, very quick and organized. They treated all my stuff with great care, very happy with them.

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : New Port Richey, FL

No Photo Andrew
October 2, 2015


Considering it was cross country they ...

They were very up front about the costs. They got everything packed up really quickly. Considering it was cross country they came pretty quickly.

Origin : San Antonio, TX
Destination : Le Ray, NY

No Photo Jackie
April 17, 2015


Courteous and within the price range!

They did a good job. The guys were courteous, the sales team was courteous. They were in the price range they quoted.

Origin : Crabb, TX
Destination : Cat Spring, TX

No Photo Rajesh
February 5, 2015


I am very happy with their service

It was very good. The last time that I moved...I really got cheated up, so I was very cautious. But they gave the right quote, it was almost the best quote in the market... When the movers came in, they did not ask anything extra... They had no problem in picking it up. Now my items are on the way to where they are supposed to be delivered, so I am very happy with their service.

Origin : Leon Valley, TX
Destination : Centennial, CO

No Photo Anonymous
March 11, 2014


The move was fine

The move was fine, I didn't have any problems with it, there was some damage to some furniture because they put a dresser into the truck on its side rather than sitting it down like you normally would, but that was damage i fixed myself. I didn't have any problems with the crew members or with customer service, and their price was more reasonable than other companies.

Origin : Midland, TX
Destination : Lk Elsinore, CA

No Photo Mark
October 14, 2013


Service above and beyond our ...

Everything was just fantastic. They were on time and nothing was broke. Everything made it to the other destination. The pricing was reasonable. They were above and beyond....they wrapped and took care of everything. The crew was very good. They were on-time and very friendly. I would recommend them to anybody in that area that is moving.

Origin : Killeen, TX
Destination : temple, TX

No Photo Robert
April 30, 2013


Great job!

What a great experience! I have used professional movers in the past and have never seen a crew that dissassembled the furniture as well as wrapping everything and padding our doorway and floors so well. These guys were great! I was impressed with the quality work. Thank you Daniel and your crew for not breaking anything! Robert

Origin : Austin, TX
Destination : Round Rock, TX

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $800.00

No Photo Robert
February 18, 2013


Very unhappy about the move

When they picked me up they led me to believe that they will deliver the day after next. Picked me up on monday deliver on wednesday. That didn't happen. They kept putting me off and putting me off. We have ten days to get it to you. I agree. They kept changing their minds. They promised me they would have it delivered to me. They picked it up on Monday. I have to go back and forth. They promised me I would have it no later than sunday, maybe saturday but no later than sunday. Sunday came and went. Didn't hear anything. Didn't hear it delivered. I talked to him on monday. They said we are not quite sure. We got to put it in small loads. We gotta to combine with a bigger load on a bigger truck. First of all they underestimated the original estimate. The whole thing ended up costing me twice than what it was going to cost. We got down here. They finally said ok we will deliver to you on friday which is a week and half after they were supposed to. They did. They finally said oh we can't bring it. They didn't tell me this before - we got a great big truck now. The street near our home in New Orleans wouldn't be able to fit down the truck. So they have to offload and put it on a smaller truck. They charged me an addtional $300 for that. The actual people that picked me up - the movers themselves and the actual people that dropped me off were very good, nice and helpful. The owner of the company in Austin I thought was a just damn liar in what they were promising me and in what they were delivering - was very unhappy. It cost me twice as much as I thought. They didn't deliver when I expected it. They gave me the runaround everytime I talked to them and I was very unhappy with the move. Didn't get called back in a timely manner. I wasn't happy. I moved a lot of times. I probably moved a dozen times in my career. This would by far be the absolute worst with the absolute nightmare and the thing that bothered me the most was they really didn't tell me the truth about what is going on. They promise me one thing and they never deliver on it.

Origin : Baytown, TX
Destination : New Orleans, LA

Compass Van Lines was founded in October 2001. We are based in Lakeland, Florida and provide full moving and storage services. At Compass Van Lines, we have a special commercial department that handles your business move with professionalism and extra care. We plan moves so that you do not lose even a single minute of your operating hours. Our specialization is in moving antiques, fine arts, documents and pianos.

Residential Moves:

Residential moves require planning, organization and time. Residential moves at local as well as long distance levels are handled by us with equal dexterity. At Compass Van Lines, we have organized and efficient relocation consultants who are very experienced with household relocations. So, in order to have a stress free relocation, just sit back and let us handle all the responsibilities.

Commercial Moves:

Commercial moves have some special requirements. For this reason, we make commercial moves at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you relocate at any time. Our service also extends to include unpacking and setting up your office at the new location.


Compass van Lines has a subsidiary storage company, Millennium Storage. At the storage facility we store everything from household goods to fine antiques and even documents. Compass Van Lines has climate controlled and fire proof storage facilities that give your belongings complete care.

Compass Van Lines handles all your valuables in the most professional manner. Our customers can choose from many levels of packing. Even the moving costs can be calculated on your choice based on either volume or weight.

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