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Diversified Services
2516 Cantrell Road, PO Box 3261
Little RockAR 72202 USA

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Phone: 501-663-6683

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No Photo Josh
August 5, 2021


You can definitely find better help

I read that they were bad with scheduling and not good at contacting so I called ahead several times. They were late by at least 30 minutes two out of the three days they helped us pack and move. The packers were slow and "promised no one had ever had anything broken" (several of our things were broken). The loaders did not use any of the 48 blankets I bought unless I was out there making sure they put the blanket on. They ruined several of our things and when we unloaded the crew here said it was one of the worst packed trailers they had seen. They literally put a charcoal grill on the smaller uhaul with all of our other stuff without emptying it or tying it down. I was sure he stated the price was $40/hr for two guys but he charged me $40/hr per person. It ended up being over $1000 for 13 hours worth of work over three days. Unpacking here and several small things are either broken or packed completely randomly. Several boxes were creamed. If I had it to do over again I would go with someone else.

Origin : Little Rock, AR
Destination : Loveland, CO

Quoted Price : $40.00
Actual Price : $80.00

No Photo Heidi
March 20, 2018


Highly recommend

I had a pleasant business experience with Diversified Services - Richard called me the day before my scheduled 2/10/18 move to confirm our appointment time and continued with communication/updates as needed up until the movers showed up at my door. They were efficient, respectful, professional, courteous, friendly, and clearly experienced movers. They didn't waste time and loaded the truck with tedious attention to the packing order. We moved my stuff into storage on a very rainy day and despite the bad weather, they didn't make much of a mess. When they started unpacking into the storage unit, they were careful to elevate everything off the ground so that nothing was touching the ground on which we had all had unavoidably tracked in rain. I was so impressed, I plan to use them again to move my stuff 1200 miles to my new home when the time comes to pull it out of storage. I highly recommend Richard and crew for your moving help needs.

Origin : Little Rock, AR
Destination : Little Rock, AR

Quoted Price : $279.60
Actual Price : $279.60

No Photo Lushunda
March 3, 2015



They charge by the hour and they took their time. When we said something about it they reminded us of how cold it was and that this was their 4th move of the day. They were suppose to be there at 5pm they got there around 9:30pm. They did not finish until around 1am. The guys flirted with us the whole time. I was charged almost double the agreed price and they brought more men for me to pay than was agreed. They dropped my things. My laptop was broken, the wheels on my chair and table were broken and dining room table was damaged not to mention the corners on my recliner were messed up. He said he would come back out to look at them but never did. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone again.

Origin : Little Rock, AR
Destination : Little Rock, AR

Quoted Price : $230.00
Actual Price : $390.00

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