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Membership(s) & License Info.

License Info: US DOT # 3218307
ICC MC # 1006628
Insurance: On file: $750.000
Required: $750.000
Year of Estd: 5/2/2013

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Easy Moving LLC-NJ
155 Sherman Ave
PatersonNJ 07424 USA

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Phone: 561-386-3680

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June 1, 2022


Do NOT Hire This Company to Move Your ...

As any citizen, I have had minor instances with businesses – we all have – but I have never felt compelled enough to write an actual review(s) about said person or business. That is until now. It has been three days since my items were delivered, and I am just now able to actually sit down and write out what happened. I am actually still traumatized and genuinely afraid of each company’s response to my review, as I was threatened, yelled at, and verbally abused by at least one member(s) from each company involved/listed below: - Everest Relocation/National Relocation Group – Moving Broker - Jennifer Movers and Packers/Movers and Packers Relocation Services – Moving company contracted by Everest Relocation/National Relocation Group - Easy Moving – Moving company sub-contracted by Jennifer Movers and Packers/Movers and Packers Relocation Services and/or Everest Relocation/National Relocation Group While this review is about Easy Moving, I want to inform the public of the other companies involved and the treatment from the other companies as well, as the review for all is pretty much the same. - I was actually berated, threatened, and verbally abused by the Easy Moving’s CEO Shadi Qarmout – yelling at me, “Do not play with me! You do not want to play with me!” – while trying to retrieve my items on the day of delivery. - My items were held ransom on the rented U-Haul truck – I was yelled at by Easy Moving’s driver, Sami, and made to pay the remaining balance by Zelle, cash, or money order before the driver and his companion would move to unload my items before dumping them onto the sidewalk, which leads into the next several points: - Several of my items were damaged while in transit under the care of the moving companies: Easy Moving and Jennifer Movers and Packers/Movers and Packers Relocation Services. EVERY single box was crushed or torn open, and boxes marked “Fragile/Please Handle with Care/This Side Up” were visibly upside down and/or crushed and packed on the truck under the weight of heavier boxes and bins – as a result dishes were chipped and broken, computer monitor broken; I am still unpacking to discover other damaged items - The driver, Sami, and his companion actually abandoned me during the job – my items were not delivered and placed in my home, but rather left outside on the street exposed to the elements and possible theft by passerby. When I realized I had been left on the sidewalk, I attempted to reach the driver, Sami, the CEO Shadi Qarmout of Easy Moving, and a representative from Jennifer Movers and Packers/Movers and Packers Relocation Services. My phone calls went unanswered and I was sent straight to voicemail by all parties. Furthermore, my phone calls were never returned. I do not recommend hiring Everest Relocation/National Relocation Group. And I certainly do not recommend hiring its contracted and sub-contracted moving companies: Easy Moving o

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : New York, NY

Quoted Price : $3,500.00
Actual Price : $6,200.00

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