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Fretters Piano Services
1448 Mcalpine Avenue
NashvilleTN 37216 USA

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Phone: 615-227-3062

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No Photo Laura
January 10, 2019



Think of the experience you most regret. Gas station sushi. Discount tattoo artist. Going to Opry Mills on December 23rd. Whatever your experience may be, hiring Rick Fretter to move your piano will be just as regrettable. It starts with changing dates for your piano move. Perhaps he’ll be able to get over there Monday or Tuesday. Definitely Tuesday. No, not Tuesday. Thursday. Wait, Thursday won’t work out. Wednesday. Definitely Wednesday afternoon. Never an apology, never any type of professional communication. At this point, you’ve pissed off the person you’re buying the piano from and you reconsider hiring him, but it turns out only one other company does second floor moves in all of Music City, and they’re twice as much. There’s a reason for that. Wednesday afternoon comes around and your piano has been picked up. You find out via message from the person you are buying from that it was “mentioned” to her that your piano will be delivered tomorrow, not today. You don’t get an actual phone call from Fretter, and when you do call, no apology, lame excuses. The piano will sit out in a truck in below freezing temperatures overnight. The following day, I kid you not, your piano will be driven to Atlanta and back just for fun. Fretter will tell you the piano will be there around 5. Later you call him to check on it, because let’s be reasonable, why would he call you with updates on your day late piano delivery? 5 has changed to 9:00. Shocker. You will wonder who the heck any of these positive reviews you are reading online could possibly be referring to. Finally, at 9 p.m., your piano does get delivered, again without apology. You will consider haggling over paying the full price for such terrible service but you’ll be too worn out and will just want to get the ordeal over with. Then you will let everyone know what an awful experience you just had.

Origin : Nashville
Destination : Nashville

Quoted Price : $200.00
Actual Price : $200.00

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