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License Info: US DOT # 3002054
ICC MC # 01046305
Year of Estd: 4/9/2015

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Liberty Moves Inc-North Carolina
15 Diamond Hear Dr S
PinehurstNC 28374 USA

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Toll Free: 877-877-2251

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No Photo Monica
August 23, 2020



DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! AGAIN DO NOT USE!!! The issue with this company are not the crew or staff who move you it is the owner and operator, Landon Roizer. I booked a moved with him in March for a move in August. The first red flag was when he would never return my calls or text. His lack of communication was horrible. When he did reply it was only through text message. I paid a deposit to secure my move. The week leading up to my move I tried to contact him to verify that he would be at my home Monday, August 3rd. After calling and texting over 5 times he finally replied and said that his crew of 3 guys would be at my home Monday morning at 8am. Moving day I heard nothing. It was 10am. I called and was told that it was raining and they could not move me in the rain. Yes, it was raining in Pinehurst but it was perfectly sunny in Burlington. They also told me that they were loading another truck and they would not be able to come. I was very upset because I had everything packed and ready to go. When I got a hold of Landon he blamed the mishap on his crew and said that he was in FL. Landon told me to call his crew and "deal" with it. I called and they told me that as soon as they were done with their first job they would be at my house by 12 or 1pm at the latest. At 12pm I called back and they said that if I want to have my stuff loaded and unloaded that I would need to start moving boxes down stairs while I was waiting. WHAT???? Desperate to have my mom completed I started moving boxes until 2pm. When they finally arrived almost the entire house was moved and waiting on them. The crew finished and met me in Pinehurst. I had to leave while they were still loading because I had to meet the lawyers to close on my home. I received a call from the crew letting me know that it was too late for them to unload my items. I would have to wait until the next business day. I had to get a hotel room because they had all of my items. The next day they were supposed to be there at 8am and did not show up until 11am. Once they unloaded everything I called Landon to express my concerns about the move. He started screaming and cussing at me. He threatened to hang up on me if I did not stop talking. He blamed his crew and also that he had 3 people in the hospital with COVID ( I asked his crew and they all said that he was lying and they knew nothing about that.) He then said, "I apologize if I didn't get down on my knees and kiss your cherry white intitled ass. Either you pay me or I will come after you. I know where you live and you do not want me coming over." I have never been spoken to the way he spoke to me and was scared. I had my dad come over to help me and handle paying Landon. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Landon Roizer is a bully, thief, and crazy person. He is unstable and should not be in any type of business that requires contact with people. STAY AWAY AND WARN ANYONE THAT WANTS TO USE THIS COMPANY.

Origin : Burlington, NC
Destination : Pinehurst, NC

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Cha'reatha
March 20, 2020



*******DO NOT HIRE LIBERTY MOVES******* My review/complaint relates specifically to the horrible customer service by owner, Landon Rozier, after the job was completed. My dryer was damaged by owner Landon Rozier during my move which now has a dent that he is refusing to repair. Initially, I was advised by Landon that he would take $150 off my total bill and later changed to $100. Landon confirmed that I wasn't satisfied for any reason, contact him and he would contact his Whirlpool guy and have repaired. Days later, I noticed when I opened my dryer all the way (rather than half way, as he did previously), the top drop down. I can close it if I hold and lift it up. Since I didn't want to take the chance on damaging it even worse, I reached out to Landon requesting for my dryer to be repaired. Since Landon deducted $100 from my bill, I told him whatever the total for repairs, I will pay the $100 back to him and he'll be responsible for the rest. I figured since he promised to have it repaired, it wouldn't be an issue. I WAS WRONG... Landon advised since he "broke even" with my move and didn't make any money, he wasn't going to repair my dryer. Landon doesn't understand that damage to property has nothing to do with what I paid and didn't pay. It now appears that once he's aware of the review, he responds by sending me a negative text message. He also indicated that I should also add my negative reviews to, Next Door and Porch. Landon think this is joke with all of the "smiley face mojos and LOL's" all the while confirming that he still wasn't going to repair my dryer. These comments are very hurtful. So, per his request, I'm posting a review on

Origin : Charlotte, NC
Destination : Charlotte, NC

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $660.00

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