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Membership(s) & License Info.

License Info: US DOT # 3710385
ICC MC # MC-1301958
Year of Estd: 7/16/2019

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Miggy Mover LLC
14205 SE 36th St
BellevueWA 98006 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-231-7511
Phone: 888-231-7511

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No Photo Aidan
June 17, 2022



This is an organized criminal organization who will be be hearing from our lawyers soon. This organization has tried to make lies and defame my partner and I after they lied to us, tried to extort us for 5x the original quote(illegal), then refused to to explain unknown unexpected charges and exaggerated fees for work. that they DIDN'T EVEN DO AND MOVED FURNITURE THAT DOES NOT EVEN EXSIST. Everytime I try to call and explain the charges they would just yell and threaten me and my family. They even made up a lie saying my girlfriend and I were smoking an illegal substance I've never even seen in person before and let me tell you this I will gladly take a drug test ASAP with witnesses which will completely make this ridiculous claim invalid. Then they forged my signature (federal offense and nice try btw) claiming we told them to dispose of all of our stuff. Also why would I sign anything at 11:45 am when the move started at 8am. All of my music gear, all my my partners belongings, our clothes, our sentimental valuables. Everything stolen and gone. And then I saw our things for sale online by none other than the person who moved us himself. I've told our communities about this. These people tried to slander and libel us saying we're bad pet owners when they threw out our pets food and belongings. They took everything from us in order to extort us and steal every and all of our belongings. We even found our belongings on websites such as OfferUp for sale after they told us everything was gone and I have evidence they dug through our boxes and personal belongings to sell our stuff. This is completely inhuman and all around wrong. And they know they've committed many crimes when they moved us, they know they stole our things, they know we don't do illegal drugs which is provable, and everything they say is a lie. There is no excuse for what y'all did. It was completely heartless and cruel and the worst people of the worst. We will be taking legal action against them and we will expose them for what they are because the crimes and heinous acts they committed against us will be exposed. They have no validity to stand behind. They fabricated many lies and did many deceits. Their contract was edited multiple times since signed. And they forged my signature. You expect us to pay you when you people didn't even do or finish your job. You stole all our belongings and tried to sell them which I have screenshots of. And then claiming they were trash. You robbed us. You all are pure criminals. Everything I'm saying is true and I have more evidence to back it up then they claim to have. Shame on y'all... Also he tried to keep trashing my girlfriend online through defamation of other people's reviews. I kept the screenshots of these responses before he edited all his reviews to make us sound bad. I have the screenshots of what y'all said.

Origin : Seattle
Destination : Seattle

Quoted Price : $480.00
Actual Price : $2,800.00

No Photo Brett
January 21, 2022


Great fast and nice and neat

Best Luxury Service

Origin : bk, ny
Destination : Fl

Quoted Price : $7,000.00
Actual Price : $6,700.00

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