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Accuracy of Estimate 2.7
Moving Services 2.5
Packing Services 2.2
Professionalism 2.7

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License Info: US DOT # 971985
ICC MC # 412362
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 8/6/2001

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Morgan Van Lines, Inc
716 East Fairfield Rd, Bay # 2
GreenvilleSC 29605 USA

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Toll Free: 800-883-5448

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No Photo Dawn
July 15, 2016


It wasn't the service or price we ...

In general, all the companies we called gave us quotes. Then we told them that we got a better quote from a different company and they told us that they would match it. Which is what these people did. Then they attached a bogus charges for $750 for packing. And they packed two items. We've been going back and forth with them to get detailed invoices to see what these packing charges were. And we keep getting, "Oh, we will get someone to contact you." They have never gotten back to us. They didn't tell us up front that they were going to pick up our stuff, put it in a warehouse, and when they got around to it, take it to Wisconsin. So, there was an extra week in the schedule that we weren't aware of. Which meant they handled our stuff four times instead of two times. I thought my stuff was going on a truck, it would get were it was going, and I would watch it come off the truck. It wasn't the service we thought we were getting or the price we thought we were getting. They were not helpful after the estimate stage. So we are trying to get the invoice from them so we can post our total displeasure about them everywhere online.

Origin : Valrico, FL
Destination : Saint Francis, WI

No Photo Adam
June 10, 2016

Have not yet delivered our stuff and ...

It was last Tuesday, probably the 31st. The contracted movers that came, I'm assuming they were contracted through Morgan Van lines, they were exceptional. They were really nice, really great with our stuff, being safe with it. Packed it up really nice and tight. And when were were signing the paperwork with them, the gentleman that was I'm assuming was the lead mover with the team that was there, made it seem like they would be the ones who were going to drive it up here to Chicago. And it was they had mentioned that that Thursday two days later they could be up here with our stuff. So and that was the only communication we had, Thursday comes around and I called Morgan Van Lines and I spoke with one of the managers, Brian and he pretty much lectured me on what the contract was when I was simply trying to explain to him that I understood what the contract said 5-7 days would be the delivery on it but their contracted movers made it seem like we would get it much sooner than that on Thursday last week. He informed me that it would still be 5-7 days and I was like okay great, please give me a call back tomorrow, last Friday to give me more information so we could plan our work schedule around being at our apartment when our furniture arrived. I never got a phone call. I've had to call and email twice since then, I actually called this morning and left a message with Brian the manager again to give me a call back with the job number reference and even now I have not heard anything back at all. So they are not doing a good job at all and we're super disappointed. We're going on well over a week now of not having our property and the final bill was right around $5000 for the move and if they're going to lecture me on 5-7 days and that's their policy well they've already broken their policy. Now it is well over 5-7 days as you know.

Origin : Barrett Parkway, GA
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Sofia
May 25, 2016


They're a great company.

They're a great company. I would recommend them to my friends.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Bethlehem, NC

No Photo Lynne
May 19, 2016


They crushed boxes. They lost boxes. ...

They crushed boxes. They lost boxes. Everything was roughed up. Ruined everything. They didn't get there when they said they would. They charged me twice as much as they said would.

Origin : Clearwater, FL
Destination : Roswell, GA

No Photo Tom
February 19, 2016


They lost a box but everything else ...

Aside from one issue, it was fine. ...They apparently lost a box ... Other than that it was fine.

Origin : Albemarle, NC
Destination : Braden River, FL

No Photo Shelly
December 11, 2015

I have lost family heirlooms.

Apart from broken items and items that they left out in the move that should have arrived here, once they got here with the delivery it was raining....I thought the scheduler would have access to a weather report, so why did they schedule the delivery for a rainy Saturday? They didn't schedule enough help so they had to leave the van in front of our house overnight and come back the next day. Still raining, they unloaded anyway, except for my grand piano and towards dark they said, we don't have any help to get that in there. They went to Wal-Mart believe it or not and got two workers on break and brought them back. They got the piano in but then they didn't have any money to pay them so the supervisor Jose asked me would I be able to write them checks and I would be reimbursed. Well, I wrote them both checks and I have not been reimbursed even though I have notified the company.

Destination : Clinton, MS

No Photo Anonymous
November 10, 2015


My things arrived safely, but the ...

The moving company was a little bit aggressive. They brought a big tractor trailer and they came ahead of scheduled and even if they came on schedule, they wouldn't have had any problem parking. The driver was argumentative. We finally convinced him to unload from the corner and my son did have to work. Overall my things arrived safely and I have everything I packed. I think the driver could have been more cooperative and if he had come at the agreed time, he wouldn't have had any problems.

Origin : Palm Coast, FL
Destination : Brooklyn, NY

No Photo Shelley
October 15, 2015


Absolutely a disaster!

I told them my mother was moving into an assisted living. When they got there they came with such a big truck, at my expense, they tried to tell me it would be $700 more. I argued with the driver, and I said no, I can rent a U-Haul cheaper than that. Finally the driver went with me to get the U-Haul and he tried to charge me $500 more. But his boss split the difference and I had to give him an extra $250 because they couldn't get the truck down to my mom's house. They had to put it in the U-Haul then take it to her house. When it got to her villa, they didn't set anything up. A lot of the stuff was broken.

Origin : Tavares, FL
Destination : Redford, MI

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