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4.0(21) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 4.1
Moving Services 3.9
Packing Services 3.8
Professionalism 4.0

70% Recommended based on user reviews

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Member of BBB: Yes
License Info: US DOT # 1113774
ICC MC # 447654
ILCC # 124056
Year of Estd: 3/15/2002

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Olympia Moving & Storage Inc-Local
5000 W Bloomingdale Ave Ste 15
ChicagoIL 60639 USA

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Toll Free: 800-399-0589
Phone: 224-534-8100
Fax: 847-329-1320

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No Photo Kushagra
October 14, 2016


I liked working with them.

It was pretty good. I liked working with them. They were great, they moved fast and were helping.

Origin : Lisle, IL
Destination : Naperville, IL

No Photo Dave
September 16, 2016


They were fast and they were good.

They were fast and they were good. They were there within the time frame they told me. They got to work as soon as they got there so it was good. They were fine.

Origin : Vernon Hills, IL
Destination : Waukegan, IL

No Photo Suzanne
August 11, 2016


They were conscientious and did a good ...

They were conscientious, they were there on time. They did a good job and they were nice guys, they were very careful with our furniture.

Origin : Elk Grove Village, IL
Destination : Lincoln Park, IL

No Photo Sandra
July 20, 2016


I didn't have any problems with them.

They were fine. i didn't have any problems with them. They came on time, they did everything within the two hours and billing was what they said it would be, everything was fine.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Mike
July 1, 2016


I'm very pleased.

They were able to accommodate my needs. I had a short window--I was moving furniture from a location to my house. They were able to accommodate that. The price was reasonable, within what I wanted to spend. The two gentlemen that showed up, the quality of service was really well, they did a great job. Timely, didn't damage anything. I'm very happy in terms of that. I'm very pleased.

Origin : Bloomingdale, IL
Destination : Schaumburg, IL

No Photo Rani
June 30, 2016


We were really really happy with them. ...

They were on time. They were very quick. They also stretched themselves to do extra work, like furniture that couldn't get inside the basement. They had to remove the door and push the furniture down into the basement. We were really really happy with them.

Origin : Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Destination : Oakbrook Terrace, IL

No Photo Anonymous
June 28, 2016


The actual moving experience was ...

The actual moving experience was satisfactory. However, I'm having some trouble getting paperwork from them. There was a piece of furniture that was damaged. I left several calls and I have not been satisfactorily resolved in that regard.

Origin : Oakbrook Ter, IL
Destination : Glen Ellyn, IL

No Photo Ava
May 3, 2016


Incomplete Move.

The pricing was fine up until they started to move me. They told me that they couldn't continue my move and they were going to drop my stuff back off at my address. Because they didn't like the state of the place I was moving from. And I informed them that I wasn't the only person that was moving, there was another person moving from there. That the stuff they were looking at, they weren't my things. I had everything together and they refused to touch my stuff. They just quit moving my stuff in the middle of my move. I had to argue with them for about 30-45 minutes before they agreed to drop my stuff off at the address I had listed for delivery. But then they only moved some of my things. They didn't move everything, and I had to look for additional movers the next day.

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

No Photo Sudhir
June 25, 2015


They were kind of in a rush.

The day they came to pack my stuff, from the very first day they were not giving enough time for us. They were kind of in a rush to pack up everything. There was a little concern they would break something. They said it would all be taken care of. But to my surprise, when they delivered the stuff to me I was really kind of disappointed. They broke my table. It was an antique table, an expensive one. They broke the top of it.

Origin : Prospect Heights, IL
Destination : Prospect Heights, IL

No Photo Martin
June 19, 2015


The movers were on time and finished ...

Everyone showed up on time and it was done in a promptly manner. They were very courteous and overall satisfaction rate is the top and I would definitely recommend them to someone else.

Origin : Lincolnwood, IL
Destination : Morton Grove, IL

No Photo Sameena
April 16, 2015


The movers were careful with my ...

It was excellent. ...The price was good too. [The packing and wrapping] was excellent. They were very professional. ...I'm very satisfied. ...[They were] very friendly and very fragile with my furniture and everything.

Origin : Ontarioville, IL
Destination : Evanston, IL

No Photo Linda
February 18, 2015


Very thorough and did a great job.

They were very thorough, they offered some good advice on packing some things up.. I don't know, the guys were courteous nice and did a great job!

Origin : Green Oaks, IL
Destination : Green Oaks, IL

No Photo Josh
February 3, 2015


Everything was fine

They were on time. They worked pretty fast. Nothing was broken. They asked questions when they needed to and everything was fine. [The] price was about what I expected it to be.

Origin : Lk In The Hls, IL
Destination : Hampshire, IL

No Photo Ravi
December 29, 2014


Overall it was OK, but there was some ...

I think overall it was OK, but I had a lot of damage in my new place that I moved in ... I did not sign for it, but they hit the door.. So there was damage on the walls when they moved.

Origin : Westmont, IL
Destination : Naperville, IL

No Photo Hussein
November 18, 2014


I needed it fast and they did it.

I needed it done fast, within two hours, and they got it done fast, within two hours. I couldn't complain.

Origin : Carol Stream, IL
Destination : Daniel J Doffyn, IL

No Photo Ravindra
October 27, 2014


The movers were efficient and timely.

The experience was very good. They did a good job and it was within the time that we were expecting.

Origin : Arlington Heights, IL
Destination : Palatine, IL

No Photo Fadi
September 23, 2014


Don't use them

It took twice as long as last time and they broke my china cabinet. It was double the price of the estimate. Don't use them.

Origin : Elmhurst, IL
Destination : Addison, IL

No Photo Laverne
September 22, 2014

Damaged my walls and tried to charge ...

They got to the house, and in the process they couldn't get one of the couches in. They damaged the door, the knob of the door went through the wall. I said to the man, you damaged the wall! Well Miss, you have to sign this paper saying we're not responsible for any holes in the walls, if any damage occur. And he said, if I don't sign, they're going to stop the move!

Origin : Chicago, IL
Destination : chicago, IL

No Photo Kelly
August 12, 2014


Got everything done in time.

Basically they showed up on time, they got everything done that we asked them to in the time allotted.

Origin : Geneva, IL
Destination : Geneva, IL

No Photo Samuel
June 30, 2014

A few items are missing, so the jury ...

I had some artwork that was lost that wasn't recovered. And I'm still waiting for my payment for it. Ultimately I think you just get what you pay for. I'm just waiting for this all to play out and then

Origin : Jackson Park, IL
Destination : Oak Park, IL

No Photo Lisa
June 10, 2014


It was by far the worst experience I ...

It was absolutely horrible. The quote was well under--they quoted me way less than what they actually charged me. I had some items that were damaged. They were not on time, which created some big issues. They were supposed to be at my place by 3:30 and I only had the service elevator in the condo that I moved into--it only operates until 7 p.m. They didn't show up until 6:15. They didn't leave Skokie until 4:30, which in turn they charged me from Skokie to Willow Brook during rush hour traffic, when they should have been at my place hours prior to that. It was absolutely horrible. Three people in my office are also moving and originally I was going to refer them--not any more. It was by far the worst experience I ever had.

Origin : Willow Brook, IL
Destination : Willow Brook, IL

No Photo Jason
February 26, 2014


Pretty good

It was alright they did pretty good, im still missing a mattress but they did pretty good. The customer service was alright and I did not have any problems with the customer service. Mixed feelings about recommending company to others.

Origin : Des Plaines, IL
Destination : Hanover Park, IL

No Photo Marshay
February 25, 2014


Great crew, awesome service

It was great. They were on-time, I was unorganized and they stepped in and did everything for me. They were really great, and they were very friendly and very helpful -- everything went smoothly. The price was really good as well, and nothing was broken or scarred or anything, there was no damage. My advice to future customers is that you need to tip the movers, but the company should let you know beforehand that you need to add on a tip before they swipe your card.

Origin : Elmhurst, IL
Destination : Chicago, IL

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