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Accuracy of Estimate 2.6
Moving Services 3.0
Packing Services 3.1
Professionalism 2.9

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License Info: US DOT # 2415043
ICC MC # 831366
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 4/25/2013

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Paragon Vanlines Inc
4707 NW 44th Ave
OcalaFL 34482 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 855-737-7072
Phone: 561-809-9517;954-871-7869
Fax: 954-532-3620

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No Photo Heather
August 6, 2021


SCAM. AWFUL company.

Literally the WORST business you could imagine. Unprofessional, HORRID customer service, and absolutely disgusting services. This is the absolute WORST company you could ever pick. To say that we were under quoted and over promised would be an understatement of epic proportions. Our original quote was HALF what we ended paying, and the job wasn't even done right... not a single portion of it. Riki promised us a full service move over the phone. I asked her multiple times about what our quote included, and she told me everything was covered. When the movers arrived FIVE DAYS LATE, with a half size Uhaul, on the day we were supposed to be leaving the state... they weren't even half prepared. "Ron" the manager is even worse. We were YELLED AT on the phone multiple times. Ron and Riki are not just rude though, they're also liars. When I called Riki concerned that the movers were coming SO late, she promised me that five people would be there to pack everything. TWO unprofessional movers showed up. They ate food in my cabinets without asking, and took beer from my fridge, and didn't get everything packed that day... big surprise. Most of our household is broken. Boxes were filled with random stuff all dumped together, nothing wrapped, and most cracked and broken. Our big flat screen wasn't even put into a TV box, it was half covered with a single piece of flat cardboard... and broken. Our couch is ripped and the frame is cracked. We could have left the entire house and bought everything new for less than what we paid this joke of a company. Do yourself a favor, take your business elsewhere.

Origin : West Palm Beach, Fl
Destination : Harlingen, tx

Quoted Price : $8,600.00
Actual Price : $16,500.00

No Photo Oneil
March 7, 2021


Worst company ever

I called and was booked for a move from Florida to Denver. The move was for the first of March 2021. The woman I spoke with (Riki) told me that the price we book now is a solid price. I told her we wanted it on the 1st or as close as possible so she had them come take our furniture on February 14th, 2 weeks before we had to move. The original price of this move was $2,195 dollars. When the guys came to pick up our things they had me pay the first 60 percent and then the rest of the balance was due when they dropped off our furniture. The owner of the company called and asked if we could move sooner because they had a truck leaving as of a cross country move could be altered so swiftly. He was extremely rude to me on the phone. Fast forward and now we weren't gonna be able to get our things until March 5th. These guys took our furniture for 3 weeks. Then on their way with the furniture called and altered the original price to 2,915 dollars because of the square footage and even asked me to sign completely new paperwork using our furniture as leverage. When he arrived with our things he was extremely rude and even told us a completely different amount owed. Which was correct but he was extremely unclear when they let us know. I threatened lapses to write a bbb complaint he got in his truck and said he would leave if I did this. I am extremely displeased with this mans level of professionalism, this was the worst company I've ever used. Now we are out 700 dollars that was not on the original contract. They hired movers to help them and they stole my Apple Watch. Dummies didn’t realize I could just gps it. And there were expensive shoes missing from my box. Do not use this company.

Origin : Boynton beach
Destination : Colorado

Quoted Price : $2,195.00
Actual Price : $2,915.00

No Photo Nikia
November 28, 2020


Worst Moving Experience Ever!

This company lied throughout the whole process and I would write everything here, but limited by characters.I will fit in as much as I can. They claimed to not to broker out jobs. That was a lie, they moved my stuff several times on and off trucks even after requesting that I move into my apartment earlier so that they can keep my items on the truck (which I thought was the case anyway) and they moved it about 4 different times. They damaged my beds and got caught in a lie after their movers told me (behind the owner's back) that the owner told them to tell me my beds were already broken when they were never moved prior to this and only 3 years old. The owner was rude and argued me down about this as if he had any proof. They didn't come wearing masks even though south Florida is a hot spot for covid-19. They didn't come in company shirts like I was told that they would when Riki who I booked with told me this is how I would identify that their workers aren't brokered. Oh and don't be fooled by Riki, she is only nice until your stuff is out of your hands. My mattresses that I bought covers for, were off when they were delivered, and my mattresses were dragged on the floor and all bent up since they only sent two movers from the brokered company that delivered my items (I have video footage of that as well and pictures of before and after attached to this review) when they had 4 movers that moved me out. They misquoted me by $2000. They held my belongings hostage, after harassing me to sign another contract (trying to change terms) which I refused because I had already signed when they picked up my stuff and they proved to be untrustworthy. I was driving two states away while the owner called and text me several times harassing me about paying cash or with a USPS certified check for delivery when I already signed what I needed to sign. When I requested to hire someone else to finish the job since they were giving me a hard time, they told me I couldn't do have someone else pick my stuff up from storage. Then after finally getting them to deliver my stuff, the brokered company they hired tried to get me to sign off on their contract and make the USPS certified check out to their company, but I refused because they were not the company I hired. I tried calling the owner the whole day to complain, but I never heard from again. Mind you, the few days before he was calling me and texting me harassing me about money as if I had a choice to not pay. I needed my stuff of course I am going to pay even though they ripped me off. I never heard back from them after all the harassing they did to me while driving out of state. They never even sent me a final invoice stating that I paid my balance although I have proof of everything. Here is the link to the whole story. They will make your life hell during your move!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/gv20h3csmngq68g/Absolute%20worst%20moving%20experience%20with%20Paragon%20Van%20Lines.docx?dl=0

Origin : North Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Winterville, NC

Quoted Price : $2,400.00
Actual Price : $5,580.00

No Photo Franklin
July 20, 2020


Professional Moving Company

This was a very professional moving company that picked up my belongings on time and dropped them off completely unscathed. I greatly appreciate the movers from Paragon Van Lines who stayed in contact with me and provided peace of mind throughout the entire moving process. I’d greatly recommend them to anyone seeking a well organized long distance moving professional. All of my valuables have been safely transported to my Atlanta home.

Origin : Fairfax, VA
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $1,950.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo Zain
June 14, 2020


Pathetic service

Pathetic service. Charged more for the storage than the quoted price. No concept of customer service. Ron kept arguing to get $200 more from the quoted price to get the stuff delivered. Poor communication with the driver. Lost one of our boxes at the end and kept blaming us for not marking it properly.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale
Destination : SLC

No Photo Vivek
June 6, 2017


It Was A Good Experience

It was good, but one thing is the quote they gave me, it ended up being far more than what they gave me. They started with 1,300 dollars but ended up around 1,800.

Origin : Aventura, FL
Destination : Jupiter, FL

No Photo Diana
April 14, 2017


They did a good job.

They were on time, they did a really nice job. They packed up everything nicely and got it to the destination. They were very polite, well-mannered. it was a good experience.

Origin : Royal Plm Beach, FL
Destination : Boca Raton, FL

No Photo Charles
March 15, 2017



The guys were pleasant. Took care of my furniture. On time. Got it done in a couple hours as we wanted. Did a good job.

Origin : Deerfield Beach, FL
Destination : Deerfield Beach, FL

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